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Advices To Hire An Expert Door Installation Company

If you’re searching for door installations in a new home or thinking of renovating with new doors, you should consult an expert. Even though, you may want to install the doors yourself if you have any basic carpentry or home improvement skills. However, if you aren’t familiar with electric tools or don’t have experience with […]

Basement Renovation Checklist

If you have long dreamed of having a finished basement, one that you can use as an amusement room, entertainment area or as an extra bedroom, now may be the perfect time to start planning remodelling and renovation. If you are not sure where to start with your project, this checklist can help you. This […]

2021 Home Addition Costs | Toronto vs Montreal

While a home addition may be the best choice you make for your home, several factors are worth considering. Are you thinking of addition for aesthetic reasons? Want more space? Is it to boost the value of your home? Is it something completely different? Your needs and desires will determine the type of follow-up and […]

10 Questions to Ask Your Contractor Before They Begin

Getting on the same page with your renovation contractor is essential before committing to a renovation project. By considering and asking the questions below, you are giving your project the best chance of success and reducing the possibility of unfulfilled expectations. 1. Can I have line-by-line breakdowns of quoted costs? When you start getting quotes […]