Let’s do it

Day One Installation

Ready to Start

Beginning Process

Septic Tank

Waterproofing a roof


Slab Insulation

Lots Of Concrete

Lots Of Concrete Renovco Ottawa

Lots Of Floor Joists

Lots Of Floor Joists Renovco Ottawa

Building Walls

Building Walls Renovco Ottawa

Big Spaces

Big Spaces Renovco Ottawa

Steel and Wood

Steel and Wood Renovco Ottawa

Trusses and Planning

Trusses and Planning Renovco Ottawa

Trusses Lift Off The Ground

Trusses Lift Off The Ground Renovco Ottawa

Trusses in 3 Dimensions

Trusses in 3 Dimensions Renovco Ottawa

Trusses Final Pieces

Trusses Final Pieces Renovco Ottawa

The Roof

The roof Renovco Ottawa

Roof Sheathing And Safety

Roof Sheathing And Safety Renovco Ottawa

Sheathing Roof

BIG Machines

Mur de Pierre

Mur de Pierre 2

Windows Arriving


Windows 2

Windows 3

Windows 4

Shear Wall

Insulation of Walls