Renovation and Restoration Company in Ottawa FAQs

  • What’s the difference between renovation and restoration?

    The term “home renovation” refers to changes made to a home in order to increase its property value and bring it up to date in terms of technology and practicality. The term “restoration” refers to the act of repairing.

  • What should I know about the flood and fire restoration procedure?

    Thunderstorms, ice buildup, waterlogging, fire breakout, electrical wiring, sewage back-up, hazardous material pile-up, structural failure, building technical failure, or even explosions are all examples of unpleasant situations that facilitate the occurrence of disasters. 

    RENOVCO focuses on reviving and restoring buildings that have been damaged or are no longer functional. We’re here to help you bring your house back to life after a major disaster in an intelligent and effective manner. When dealing with fire or flood restoration, it’s critical to respond quickly.

    1. Your file will be assigned to a claim expert.
    2. Emergency work must be completed quickly in order to limit the damage.
    3. As your representative, our claim expert will communicate and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to obtain a fair settlement.
    4. A project manager will be assigned to your file once the insurance company authorizes the project scope, and the reconstruction work will begin.
  • My building or company is having an emergency. What should I do?


    The first priority in an emergency is always life and safety. If there are any immediate safety concerns, leave the building and dial 9-1-1.

    The next step is to stabilize the situation and undertake prompt measures to alleviate the damage.

    Contact RENOVCO by dialing at (613) 727-7070 or contact us via our website.

    Renovco not only has the expertise and willingness to face the challenging parts of disaster restoration, but it also has the dedication to set out the assignments and see all of the issues associated with them in order to reach a satisfactory outcome. 

    The Renovco way is to deliver a solution that not only meets the disaster victim’s expectations, but also the Adjuster’s and Insurance Representatives.

  • Which are the main stages of a kitchen renovation?

    The renovation process is divided into several stages, each of which is equally essential. Our staff will be with you every step of the way, keeping you updated on our progress every day. The following are the fundamental steps of your kitchen renovation:

    1. We provide you with in-home consultation and customized solutions depending on your needs and interests. Material and color themes will be chosen, and a quote for your kitchen renovation will be delivered instantly.
    2. We take all of the site measurements and have a detailed discussion about your wants preferences and needs.
    3. After the acceptance of the formal contract agreement, the manufacturing stage begins where kitchen cabinets, counters, and final inspections are completed by us. 
    4. We conduct the demolition and removal of the old kitchen which entails removing old cabinetry, walls, sinks, and appliances.
    5. Installation of electrical components, plumbing, drywall,  cabinetry, baseboards, and countertop.


  • How long will a full bathroom renovation really take?

    Renovations without plumbing or electrical cabling can be finished in as little as two days. It should take no more than a week to even make a major adjustment.

    The time required to complete a bathroom renovation depends on the size of the bathroom as well as the project magnitude.

    Our professionals and architects at RENOVCO are all licensed and trained to work on any project regardless of its complexity. We can assist you with everything from removing and replacing your sink to a complete bathroom renovation.

  • Will basement renovation increase the value of my home?

    There are a number of compelling reasons to complete your basement improvements. There will be more space, more rooms, and a boost in the overall worth of your home. Finding the proper company to complete your basement renovations, on the other hand, is a major concern. 

    You want nothing but the best for your home, and that’s precisely what we provide. Whether you want to turn your basement into a home theater, a wet bar, or a home office, we can assist.