Disaster Clean-Up, Fire and Flood Restoration

Disasters occur as a result of many unpleasant situations and conditions: Wind storms, Ice buildup, Water Infiltration, Fire breakage, Electrical wiring, Sewage back-up, Hazardous Material pile-up, Rodent and Pest Infestation, Structural Failure, Building System Failure, or even Explosions. And after a disaster, it’s very important a fire and flood restoration Ottawa.

1. A claim specialist is assigned to your file.
2. Rapid execution of the emergency work in order to minimize damage.
3. Our claim specialist will represent you in negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to reach a fair settlement.
4. Once the insurance company approves the scope of the work, a project manager will be assigned to your file and the reconstruction work will begin.

The question in disastrous situations is not necessarily the “what to do?” but the “how to do it”?

This is because Time is a major factor. The emergency work should be accelerated in the most efficient and effective manner bearing in mind the health and safety of the residents.

Renovco not only has the ability and willingness to confront the many daunting aspects of disasters but also has the commitment to set out the tasks and see all the associated challenges to reach a satisfactory resolution. The unique Renovco way is to produce a result that not only meets the expectations of the disaster victim but also satisfy the Adjuster and Insurance Representatives too.

While disaster work has much to do with demolition and clean-up in preparation for reconstruction, Renovco is aware of the complexity accompanied by the work required. Also, we work with a very qualified fire and flood restoration Ottawa team.

Renovco understands that getting work completed under such conditions is disruptive, stressful, and upsetting to those affected. Renovco works to a self-imposed mandate that in many ways goes beyond industry standards and focuses on exceeding the expectations of all parties involved.

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