Renovco’s approach to mold and asbestos decontamination has been specifically designed to provide the client with a worry-free and full turnkey solution.

Renovco Method

Combining professionalism and expertise with extensive knowledge and skill, Renovco’s approach to mold and asbestos decontamination has been designed to provide the client with a worry-free full turnkey solution.

STEP 1: Evaluation of current condition and source of contamination

It is important to understand the source of the contamination. This will eradicate the problem at its root, thus certifying it won’t reoccur again. Moreover, proper identification of the source of mold can help categorize its nature and ensure proper treatment is performed. This stage requires a high level of expertise in using specialized equipment. Thermal imagery, scrubs, and moisture detection meters are paramount.

STEP 3: Execution accompanied by the highest industry standards

Renovco makes use of the most recent developments in the cleaning and restoration industry. Our technicians are properly trained and qualified to know how to contain and treat the area. Renovco adopts the IICRC protocols in all of its procedures. Whether your home needs a full mold remediation under negative air pressure, or simply a thorough surface cleaning, rest assured that we will find the most appropriate solution for your situation.

Much is done to limit the inconvenience and worrisome that can be felt during such remediation projects. We understand the privacy and the importance of your living space or your business, and thus treat it with the respect it deserves.

STEP 2: Plan the Work

An IICRC certified Project manager will perform a site evaluation prior to the beginning of the work. The purpose is to identify the strategy and logistics for tackling all aspects of the remediation as well as providing solutions to any limitations that might be foreseen. The Project Manager will then pinpoint the methodology to be used and the time requirement to eliminate the problem as well as minimize the chances of Project overruns.

STEP 4: Finishing final touches

The quality of workmanship can often be evaluated by the quality of the finishing touches. At Renovco, the show work is as important as the effort spent behind closed walls .Our personnel will take the time to insure that the final look satisfies your expectations.

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