Bathroom Renovation Ottawa

A bathroom remodel in Ottawa will not be cheap, but it will not only enhance your everyday life, but it will also help you increase the value of your home or condo since bathroom renovations can be fantastic investments!

The room size, the materials used, the scope (demolition, design, plumbing, electrical work, tiling, painting, structural work, fixtures, and so on) – all of these and many other aspects can have a significant impact on your bathroom renovation expense.

Given the number of factors and the fact that each project and situation is unique, we offer a free remodeling cost estimate session with no obligation on your part.

Cost of a Bathroom Renovation

While we normally see varying budget breakdowns for most bathroom remodeling projects we work on, the National Kitchen and Bath Association estimates the average washroom restoration project cost breakdown below.

It is critical to examine the purpose of your bathroom when planning a restoration because it will decide the type of finishes you will install and the cost of a bathroom renovation. 

More utilitarian fixtures (for example, a new basic bathtub and surround for a children’s bathroom) are normally far less expensive than a new luxury master bathroom renovation project with numerous showerheads installed and expensive marble used. A guest restroom normally costs in the center of the two extremes, but it all depends on the function and type of finishes utilized.

Kids’ bathroom renovations are typically less expensive than other types of bathroom renovations since they are more focused on utility and practical usage fixtures rather than aesthetics.

A guest bathroom is typically a private three-quarter or full bath in a house or condo reserved for overnight guests. Budgets for guest bathroom renovations are normally in the middle of the price range.

Planning a Home and Bathroom Renovation

Understand Your End Goal

Before you do anything, you should determine what your ultimate goal for your property is. Are you renovating to increase the value of your property, or are you planning on staying put for the foreseeable future? Knowing your ultimate aim will assist you to decide how to proceed with your project.

Create a Comprehensive Project Improvement Plan

The first step is to gather all of the necessary information. Make a list and a detailed explanation of what you want to modify in your bathroom, as well as the major goals of your project and an outline of the work that needs to be done.

When to Begin: 5 to 10 months before the start of the project.

Budget for the Project 

Determine how much you want to spend and confirm financing. Your renovation project’s budget is an important consideration. How much will it cost to do the job you want to be done? How far can a fixed budget take you?

Permits, building supplies, and labor costs should all be included in your budget. Set aside at least 5% to 10% of your budget for unanticipated expenses.

Create a Timetable

When it comes to scheduling expectations, be realistic and flexible. Mark out each step of the project on a calendar. Set a deadline for completion. Confirm with your contractors that the completion date is reasonable and keeps you within budget.

Why Should You Hire Us For Your Bathroom Renovation?

In Ottawa, we specialize in bathroom repairs and remodeling. We will ensure that the end result of your bathroom makeover leaves you with a space that makes you feel comfortable, invigorated, and, most importantly, clean. 

We are a one-stop-shop for all of your renovation needs, as well as a provider of high-quality bathroom items and services at reasonable pricing.

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