It has never been more important to provide a safe workplace for both employees and consumers than it is now. Viral and bacterial infections offer an ongoing, undetected threat to your health. Our disinfection service was intended to assist your business in achieving the greatest degree of hygiene while also giving you the peace of mind that you require to guarantee that all activities operate properly. Our disinfection services are accessible from professionally trained experts across the country, whether you’re in Ottawa, Nepean, Gatineau.

Determine the existing state of affairs and the source of contamination.

It’s crucial to figure out where the contamination came from. This will eliminate the problem at its source, ensuring that it will not recur. Furthermore, determining the source of mold can aid in classifying its kind and ensuring correct treatment. This step necessitates extensive experience with specific equipment. The importance of thermal imaging, scrubbing, and moisture detection meters cannot be overstated.

Make a Work Plan

Prior to the start of the work, and IICRC certified project manager will conduct a site evaluation. The goal is to determine the strategy and tactics for addressing all parts of the cleanup, as well as to provide answers to any potential limits. The Project Manager will next determine the approach to be employed as well as the time frame required to solve the problem and reduce the risk of project overruns.

Execution in accordance with industry best practices

The most recent advancements in the cleaning and restoration sector are utilized by Renovco. Our personnel has been thoroughly trained and certified to control and treat the situation. In all of its procedures, Renovco follows the IICRC guidelines. Whether your property requires a complete mold treatment under negative air pressure or just a thorough surface cleaning, you can be confident that we will find the best solution for your needs.

Much is done to minimize the discomfort and anxiety that such cleanup initiatives might cause. We appreciate the privacy and value of your home or company, and we treat it with the respect it deserves.

Applying the finishing touches

The quality of the finishing touches is frequently used to assess the quality of the job. At Renovco, the work done in front of the camera is just as vital as the work done behind closed doors. Our team will take the time to ensure that the final product meets your requirements.

To Prevent & Protect, Disinfect

Some firms claim to “clean” their facilities completely, but these facilities are seldom treated for disinfection services, putting them at danger. Regular cleaning by custodial/janitorial services may give the illusion of a cleaned surface, but they seldom destroy microorganisms on surfaces.

This is typically due to a lack of the necessary tools and equipment to complete the task. Pathogen-causing viruses and bacteria have the potential to dwell on services for extended periods of time. Professional disinfection is the most efficient approach to ensure that your facility is safe.

Renovco Ottawa gives you peace of mind by ensuring that your Orkin technician is always available to assist you in disinfecting your facility.