Renovco is proud to be a pioneer of Green Renovations in Ottawa. We are now able to offer our clients a wide selection of green solutions and products.

Renovco clients are able to choose eco-friendly paint, bathroom fixtures with low water consumption, insulation and many other products that allow homes to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly.

These days is important to go for a greener environment. We can do it by just making small changes like renovating or remodeling. We are going to give you some products and their effect to have a green environment.

A huge part of design of a building are windows, tables or chairs. Most of them use glass as a design product. Just imagine how much glass is used, why not to replace it with recycled glass. There are new type of glasses that look like new windows and are 100% environment-friendly.

When it comes to painting, paint with low-Voc or Voc free are the best for environment. Go solar; the sun can be useful when it comes to electricity. It is a renewable source of energy so that is why it is in your advantage. By saving energy you will help the environment and lower your electricity bill.


Renovco’s tools are always evaluated to reduce environmental impact. Our teams stay informed on the latest techniques and products that increase energy efficiency.

ECO-RENO is our promise to respect the environment and to offer services and products that meet and exceed the industry standards to help build a greener future for the generations to come.

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