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Building a house doesn’t only mean putting bricks together. It has to be well thought on why and how are you putting them. You have to express your imagination so think further into design. Your building design is divided into two completely different surfaces interior and exterior.


Exterior of the building has to be perfect because is the face of the house. It creates the first impression when a person sees it. It has some elements that putted together will create a perfect first impression. So, if you are looking for some commercial design try to look as simple as you can don’t exaggerate with your imagination. It has to be something simple and beautiful so the costumer won’t have to leave comments in his mind he just sees it and gives him the impression that this can be the place that I was looking for. Also, exterior paint should be different from interior. It has to be stronger in cases of high temperatures or heavy rains, isothermic so it can keep stable temperatures. Don’t try to fall in costumers eyes too much with exaggerated design, try to be simple.

House exterior

Meanwhile if you are a householder everything changes. You can mix simple and exaggerate with your imagination and always with an experts advice. Your exterior has to be something abstract not just like a square without any detail. Garden is also part of the exterior so it has to be perfect so your house looks better too. Windows and doors are part of both interior and exterior but exterior windows and doors change form interior ones. They have to be more secured or armored doors and windows. They need a color that matches the exterior color. Design is something that not all persons can do so sometimes if you are in doubt just hire a professional so he can advice in choosing perfect for you.


Let’s talk about interior because is as much important as exterior. In fact, designing your interior is way more difficult than exterior. In this case is advised to hire an expert so you can expand the interior ideas. The reason why we tell you that designing interior is way harder is that you have to think about living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and basement. So, your imagination has to be expanded and trying to design all of them in a combined way.

Everything is important when it comes to designing interior. So, let us tell you some info and advices on how to design every part of your interior.


Let’s just start with kitchen design. Kitchen is the heart of the house that is why you have to love its design. A kitchen should be a place where you feel comfortable and enjoy the moments you stay there and use it. So, if you spend a lot of time in kitchen cooking it must be a kitchen dream if you want to spend your time feeling relaxed. For kitchen design are some steps like:

1.     Concept and Quotation

2.     Check and Measure

3.     Manufacturing of the Cabinets

4.     Site Check, Preparation and Installation



It doesn’t matter if you have small or large bathroom, it matters how you design it. The bathroom is the room that has more traffic than any other place in your house (excluding bedrooms). It’s known that a bathroom is used for multiple reasons and can often be incredibly difficult to workaround. When you have a bathroom that is not suited well for visitors, it can leave the impression that you just don’t care. So it is important that you choose a proper design.


Living room

The living room is considered one of the most important spaces in your home. It’s the place you spend your time relaxing, socializing and entertaining. It’s the room that we welcome our guests and make them feel comfy in there. So, you have to be well prepared and well advised before finalizing the living room design.



It is known that we spend a lot of time in our bedrooms. On average a person should be sleeping for 8 hours per night. If you think a little more than that, it is almost 60 hours a week sleeping. For this reason, it’s essential having bedroom space a relaxing and inviting place. You want a bedroom that you can wind down in after a long day, a place to sleep soundly, and a peaceful room to wake up to in the morning. Therefore, if you decide to do bedroom renovations, the importance of a good bedroom renovations company you should not neglect it.

So, for bedroom installation we have some services that we provide:

  • Design
  • Flooring installation
  • Lighting installation
  • Painting
  • Window installation


There are many reasons to finish your basement but only one company like Renovco can do it quickly, get it done right, and keep it within budget. Our mission is to provide a friendly yet reliable source for homeowners desiring to turn their basement renovations dreams into reality. Dedication to delivering the most professional, high-quality craftsmanship at affordable prices is our goal. For many years in business, Renovco has mastered the art of basement renovations, with high quality and very beautiful designs too. Our design and build experience have resulted in the best processes and techniques in the business. Our award-winning designers invest the time to understand the homeowners’ goals. Working closely with the entire design team, we meld the best ideas for space and transform it into a true extension of the home. Our expertise allows us to guide homeowners throughout the design/build process.

An important fact is that once you have completed your exterior and interior design you have to maintain it too. That is why it is advised to renovate your home every 2-4 years so you can keep the design modern and a better-looking house. You can always improve the design even after completing it.