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Mold Remediation Ottawa: Basic Information and the Removal Process

Mold remediation identifies and removes or encapsulates large-scale mold from homes to keep residents and homeowners safe. Also, mold treatment becomes a more common feature of purchasing and selling homes. Every homeowner wants to avoid having a mold problem. The dampness in the basement and water intrusion are just two causes.

It’s important to take care of this serious problem as soon as it’s discovered to prevent harm to your property and potential health issues. Despite the fact that there are various mold removal options, should you attempt this project on your own? This significant question is made clearer by our specialists.

What Is Mold

You may be thinking “why is mold bad” and, more significantly, “is mold dangerous” after hearing about it. Here are some guidelines for recognizing mold and the risks associated with its growth.

Mold is a form of fungus that develops in hyphae, which are multicellular structures. Both indoor and outdoor mold spores are created by these hyphae. Mold needs moisture to flourish even though its spores are widely distributed.

How To Spot Mold

Here are some mold warning indicators to look out for in your house:

  • A musty odor in your home’s dampest room
  • Green, grey, or black patches or stains, fresh, on a porous surface
  • White fuzzy stuff under wallpaper and other materials

What Are The Health Risks

Mold can cause harm to your home in addition to health issues when its spores are discharged into the air and inhaled over time. The following are some indicators that mold exposure may be hazardous to your health: unusual headaches, Insomnia, Allergic, Asthma, etc.

How To Remove Mold

Find the source

As previously noted, there are a variety of ways that mold can enter your house. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that humidity is always the perfect environment for mold growth. It’s imperative that you locate the source of the moisture before taking any action.

Contain Area

Even though mold grows on or in surfaces, its spores can travel through the air, therefore it’s crucial to contain an area with mold before decontaminating it. Turn off any central air vents and use plastic to completely isolate the area from the rest of the house.

Protect Yourself

Making sure you are appropriately protected is a further crucial step. Fabrics are porous and can spread mold to adjacent rooms, endangering your health in the process. Get mold remediation-specific coveralls, masks, gloves, and other protective gear. Masks made of paint and coveralls won’t be enough to keep you safe.

Cleanse Area

Use borax, a white powder cleaner that you may find in the laundry detergent aisle if the mold is contained in a limited area. It destroys the mold when combined with water and applied to the affected region; it also stops it from coming back. However, because it contains water, it is not advised to use it on porous surfaces like carpeting or drywall. 

It’s advisable to entirely remove and discard porous sections that are obviously contaminated because drying them out and removing the mold may be too difficult or impossible to do in order to stop future mold growth. It’s crucial to understand that bleach will not be effective if you have major mold contamination. 

It will fade the color but not get rid of the mold, and because of the humidity, new mold development will be encouraged. Utilizing a negative air machine to remove airborne particles is advised as an extra measure after decontamination. This will keep the mold spores contained and prevent the rest of the house from becoming contaminated.

It’s crucial to be aware that mold removal is not advised for those who have health issues, particularly respiratory issues. As much as possible, keep all members of your household away from any contaminated locations until they have been properly cleaned.

When To Call In An Expert

While these four processes might seem easy enough, there are numerous situations where hiring a remediation specialist is strongly advised. The following are instances in which you should contact a mold decontamination specialist rather than performing DIY treatments:

Black mold is present, the infected area(s) is deemed to be medium or large, and you are unsure of the source of the moisture that led to the mold.

Choose Renovco Ottawa for Mold Remediation

The Unique Concept of Renovco is cleverly recognizable. Everything from emergency work reconstruction, content handling and cleaning, warehousing, mold remediation, ozone treatment, and fire-line system to a distribution channel and one-stop shop for design services is offered. 

This innovative solution is becoming to become not just a unique skill that Renovco enjoys but also a profound aspect of peace of mind that clients like. Renovco quickly rose to the top in the renovation and restoration industry from the very beginning. Contact us by calling 613-727-7070 or emailing

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10 Top Bathroom Trends For 2023

The clean lines, low-maintenance materials, and generous use of natural colors will all be trends in bathroom design for 2023. Bathroom design trends for 2023 pay special attention to detail to produce a room that is brimming with personality.

We are noticing curves, organic materials, and gentle hues. While some themes harken back to the 1950s, others are blatantly futuristic, like glass bathtubs and electronic mirrors. Let’s jump right in and examine the bathroom trends for this year.

At the same time, aesthetic trends are influenced by more general home design trends. A lot of designs are being affected by the desire for personalization, which inspires homeowners to develop cozy spaces with distinctive bathing rituals.

1. Glass Bathtub

The transparent or frosted finish of this newcomer has won us over. A glass bathtub not only gives the space additional depth but also exudes elegance with its crystal and precious stone-like appearance. Additionally, glass sinks exude elegance and are pretty fashionable! 

This style of bathtub is stunning. It ought to serve as the design’s cornerstone and serve as an inspiration for the bathroom’s remaining color scheme. Oh, and don’t forget to decorate the space behind the sink or bathtub with some bling and glamour.

2. Color, Right Down To The Faucets

Since colorful sinks have come back with a fury, colored faucets have joined the trend. Various matte colors have replaced traditional silver or gold finishes. In 2023, hot colors like terracotta, moss green, and pink will be popular. White matte faucets, which are still fashionable, give bathrooms a chic feel.

A neutral color that lets these faucets shine gives them their best appearance. Pair white faucets with colored or creatively designed porcelain if you want to go all out. Additionally, colored faucets are a bold choice, so be sure about it before going ahead.

3. Ceramic On The Walls

Ceramics cannot be held back in terms of this year’s bathroom trends. It involves more than just a backsplash or shower flooring. A seamless continuation of the floor is being created as it brazenly creeps up the wall. Even a low fence, might be constructed to hold shampoo bottles, plants, or other items.

Also, remember to balance your design. For instance, if you use small, textured, or patterned ceramic tiles on the wall, it would be preferable to have huge tiles on the floor. The same ceramic, like terrazzo, can also be carried up the walls from the floor.

4. Showers Showing Off Their Curves

There are numerous showers. In favor of a more organic design that blends a trifecta of curves, circles, and arches, this trend throws straight lines to the curb. Additionally, rounded edges are soothing and give you the impression that you are cocooned in happiness. 

Avoid the error of employing a handyman to construct your arches or curved walls! Small ceramic tiles work well for decorating curved walls as well because they are considerably simpler to install.

5. Ceramic Tiles In All Shapes And Sizes

The neutral tones used in this year’s bathroom designs have us completely smitten with ceramic tiles in a variety of shapes. How daring can you be? Have you curved or round, scallop or fish scale? If you decide to use a rectangular tile, you can always position it slightly differently to make a pattern or keep things straightforward by arranging it vertically.

6. All-Stone Vanity

Marble vanities are grabbing all of the attention! Take a chance on a stone vanity with intricate veining. Choose a vanity with emerald, mauve, or brown veins if you really want to be in style. 

This sink choice will not only stand out as the focal point of the bathroom, but it will also provide a touch of European allure. Combine with other organic components like wicker or wood. 

7. Terrazzo, A Fan Favorite

The time-honored favorite terrazzo has recently come back into style, and in 2023 it will be even more so! People prefer it to have a natural appearance or to be bursting with personality to create the mood for the entire bathroom. Keep in mind that terrazzo is created by combining resin or concrete mortar with crushed marble pebbles.

8. Wall-Mounted Lights

In terms of illumination, less is not always better, and more is better! Wall lights are making a strong comeback. Choose a spot where it will serve as a focal point or decorative bathroom element, such as a piece of art, rather than installing it as the room’s primary lighting. Warm-toned metals, such as brushed gold, copper, and brass, are the most popular choices in terms of color and material.

9. Soft Color Palettes

Trends for bathrooms almost typically lean toward neutral colors. We’re talking about a terracotta, white, and beige color scheme. This year’s choices are moss green and pink to give some color to the mix. combine with species of light-colored wood in blonde or honey.

10. Get Into The Groove

Glassware with fluted patterns has become popular in both the kitchen and bathroom. It continues to grow and is now found in bathroom supplies. It shows no signs of slowing down. We see grooves adorning ceramic and even wood vanities.

Make Your Bathroom Design With Renovco Ottawa

Bathroom vanities and cabinets in a range of styles are available from Renovco Ottawa and are ideal for a family bathroom. For the construction of our custom bathroom cabinets, we only use materials of the finest caliber. 

Our experts carefully consider your ideas before putting them into action. Are you planning for bathroom renovation? You already know where to look for the top group. 

Contact us by calling 613-727-7070 or emailing


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6 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovation can sometimes be overwhelming especially if you’re trying it for the first time. The renovation process is very complex and can’t be undertaken alone because the result you will get won’t be the one you desire. One of the greatest methods to ensure you receive the kitchen of your dreams is to hire a professional contractor. Renovco Ottawa is the leading renovation and restoration company in Ottawa. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in the whole process of kitchen renovation from start to finish. Renovco Ottawa prioritizes customer convenience and quality. For further information contact us on our phone number 613-727-7070

Here are some benefits of hiring Renovco Ottawa as your general contractor:

1. Overall Safety

In any of our kitchen renovation processes safety is a major concern. Our kitchen renovation specialists ensure the safety of everyone by following the essential guidelines. They work hard to ensure that every installation is structurally sound so that no one is harmed during the renovation process or thereafter.

2. Identifying Areas of Concern

Only an expert can determine if your dream kitchen has any physical constraints. Our renovation experts have a wealth of expertise and experience in identifying and avoiding difficulties. When it comes to kitchen renovation an early problem identification is the key to a perfect kitchen remodeling. We make sure to finish the renovation process in a fast and thorough way. 

3. Excellent Planning

It’s difficult to plan a comprehensive renovation. You’ll need to put in a lot of effort to make your magnificent new kitchen a success. You may be tempted to handle your own planning, but it’s far better to hire our team of experts to assist you throughout the process. They will not only save you time and minimize your workload, but they will also ensure the success of your kitchen renovation.

4. Monitored Kitchen Renovation

Every step of the kitchen renovation process is closely overseen by a renovation professional such as Renovco Ottawa to ensure that your kitchen is remodeled to perfection. This means you can just sit back and watch the renovation experts work their magic. If you are a person that likes to collaborate in the renovation process you’re in the right place. Renovco Ottawa takes time to listen to your ideas and works hard to turn your ideas into reality.

5. They’ll Look for Bargains and Deals

Our renovation experts are always on the lookout for discounts and bargains in order to provide you with the most affordable kitchen renovation services and ensure that you receive your money’s worth. Renovco Ottawa aims to use only high-quality products for your kitchen renovation and turn your kitchen space into your dream kitchen. 

6. Exceptional Kitchen Renovation Process

The heart of the home is the kitchen. Renovating your kitchen can be a dream come true if you choose the greatest team of professionals, such as ours at Renovco Ottawa. You’ve come to the right site if you’re looking for kitchen remodeling firms in Ottawa. When it comes to creating bespoke kitchen designs for you, we use a unique refurbishment method.

Kitchen renovations will play a significant role in bringing your next new house to life. We closely follow the newest in new kitchen design concepts and bring innovation from an international perspective straight into your new kitchen as skilled kitchen renovators in Ottawa and the GTA. Call us now on our phone number at 613-727-7070 or send an email at

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Benefits of Hiring a Renovation and Restoration Company

Home renovation is not a simple process but in some cases, many people try as many DIY ideas in order to cut down costs. Whether you are having a small bathroom renovation or a total home renovation it’s essential to work with a professional renovation and restoration company to get the job done right the first time. Even if you have previous DIY experience hiring a renovation contractor will give you peace of mind. Renovco is the leading renovation and restoration company in Ottawa. Renovco’s full-spectrum strategy, which includes everything from general contractors to restoration experts to a fully equipped design center makes it the best company in the construction industry.

If you are planning a home renovation and you are looking for a renovation contractor don’t think longer. 

Renovco Ottawa is the best choice! Contact us on our phone number at 613-727-7070!

 Why You Should Hire a Renovation and Restoration Company?

Working with a professional renovation and restoration company has numerous advantages. Hiring a restoration company is better than attempting to finish the work alone. They take care of every step of the process to make sure that the renovation process is finished in a fast and thorough way. 

5 Reasons Why a Professional Restoration Company is Worth It

1. They’re Your Go-To Source for Everything

A restoration contractor provides its customers with all the services they need for home renovation. You just need to tell our team of professionals what you want to change or remodel in your house. Moreover, we start immediately with our renovation and restoration projects. We make sure that the job is completed on time and provide you with the best results. 

2. Renovation Contractors Have Extensive Experience

While you may have a clear idea of what your home will look like after the renovation process, a renovation company is ready to help you create a plan of action. Renovco Ottawa has the experience and skill to properly complete significant tasks such as taking down a wall or adding square footage to your home.

3. Renovation and Restoration Companies are Insured

During the renovation process, even the best general contractors sometimes run into problems. Renovco has the proper insurance so you don’t have to worry.  We make sure to finish the renovation process in a short period of time. After we’re done with the process you will be amazed at the final results. 

4. The Renovation Process is Fast and Thorough

If you decide to undertake a DIY renovation or restoration process you need to know that the process will last longer. You won’t have the results that you expected.  That’s why it is necessary to hire a professional renovation and restoration company. Our team of professionals with makes the entire renovation process more efficient and it takes less time to finish it. 

5. Safety First 

A professional renovation and restoration company will not only finish the restoration process quickly, but they will make it in a safe way as well. Safety is our essential key in renovation and restoration services. We have the necessary years of experience to avoid common restoration problems. In this way, we create a safe home for you and your loved ones. 

Contact Renovco Ottawa Today!

While it may be tempting to take on the renovation project yourself, engaging with a skilled renovation and restoration company is often the best option. Renovco Ottawa has a team of professionals that have extensive experience and the necessary skills to provide its customers with the best renovation and restoration services. If you want to design your dream kitchen, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, or have your home restored after a flood or fire, our teams of specialists are always ready to help. Don’t hesitate to contact us on our phone number at 613-727-7070 or send us an email at

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5 Living Room Renovation Ideas That Pay Off

Whether it’s a large-scale project or a simple renovation process everyone loves its newly renovated living room. For all the customers that want to renovate their living room, we are ready to assist you and help you choose the design styles. Renovco Ottawa has the necessary experience to turn your living space into a wonderful environment. 

We’re just a call away at 6137277070!

In this blog, we are sharing with you some living room renovation ideas that will have a positive impact on living room design. 

1. Expand Your Living Room

In the previous years, the living room space was kept tight and compact to preserve energy. The living room renovation ideas are changing recently because all the customers are looking for a greater space in the interior design. A good idea is to remove the wall of the room that is next to your living room and expand your living. Although it may look like a difficult process, for a professional team like ours it’s very easy.

2. Replace or Modernize Your Front Door

Are you looking for a living room renovation project that has double duty? If your living room is at the front of your house installing a new entry door or sprucing up an existing one may accomplish so much for so little money and effort. It not only improves your home’s exterior curb appeal but also brightens up your front living area.

3. New Windows Bring in the Light

Natural lighting is an essential part of every living room. If you’re like most homeowners, your living room windows are likely to be old, drafty, and inefficient at transmitting light. Improve the lighting of your living room by replacing the old windows with the new ones. Our isothermic windows would be a great choice for your home. 

4. Choose the Perfect Color Scheme

Color is as significant in the living room as it is in any other room in the house. The living room sees a lot of action, whether it’s for hanging out, watching movies, reading, or sipping wine. With so much focus on one area, the color scheme must be absolutely flawless.

Interior painting is usually one of those tasks with a clear return on investment. Because the cost of tools and materials is so low, you’ll almost certainly see a significant increase in buyer appeal.

However, you must select a living room color scheme that will appeal to the majority of consumers. When it comes to colors that people enjoy, white, gray, beige, and other neutrals are at the top of the list. Brown, gold, and earthy orange extend the color register of the living room to bolder heights, catching the eye of potential buyers. Deep blue living rooms give a sense of rich tradition, while lighter blues conjure up images of a breezy, carefree day at the beach.

5. Create Faux Extra Space

Whether or not you’ve knocked down a wall to produce additional living room space, you’ll want to use basic tactics to give the illusion of more space on the cheap. Making a fake extra room saves money on remodeling while also making your living area more appealing to potential purchasers.

Ceiling: To avoid a claustrophobic sense, make sure that you have white walls and a ceiling.

Area Rug: Make sure you don’t get an area rug that is too tiny. Between the rug’s edges and the walls, leave 10 to 20 inches of bare floor area.

Shelves: To draw the eye upward, place shelves high, near the ceiling.

Storage: Build or buy storage units that are flush against the wall. Getting clutter out of sight instantly enhances the appearance of any area and gives it a larger sense.

Statement Piece: A huge, colorful, or otherwise spectacular statement piece, such as a chandelier, draws attention in and expands the space.

Choose Renovco Ottawa for the Best Living Room Renovation Ideas

Renovco is a professional living room renovations firm based in Ottawa, with a team of skilled, dedicated, and experienced employees who ensure that your living room design ideas become a reality. We aim to turn your living room ideas into reality. Hire Renovco Ottawa and turn your living room into the space of your dream. Call us now on our phone number 6137277070


Bedroom Design Trends

The Top 6 Bedroom Design Trends for 2022

Some of the bedroom design trends that everyone will be dreaming about this year include sustainable materials, striking fabrics, and comfortable splurges.

Your bedroom is perhaps the most personal of all the rooms in your house. It’s your personal haven where you can unwind, relax, and let your personal flair come through.

Making this area pleasant and personalized will remain a top priority. To achieve that warm, individualized feel, high-quality materials and statement-making styles will be increasingly sought.

1. Designing for Comfort

As the coronavirus pandemic forced us to spend more time at home, providing a relaxing environment became increasingly important. In fact, 53% of consumers said the epidemic helped them realize how important it is to maintain their homes pleasant at all times. 

 Nearly half of survey respondents identified comfort as one of the most important bedroom design trends for 2022. Layer plush pillows and soft, luxury textiles in your bedroom to highlight relaxation.

Small bedroom filled with items that make you feel calm and comfortable. Try scented candles, table lamps, bedside tables, beloved books, or family photos.

2. Sustainable Bedding 

Cleaning goods, paint, food storage containers,  are all influenced by our concerns about sustainability. However, because we spend so much of our time in bed, adopting natural, eco-friendly materials in the bedroom is extremely crucial.

According to a poll that we conducted  87 percent of respondents consider sustainability while purchasing items for their bedrooms.

More organic fabrics, recycled materials, and sustainable fibers like TENCEL lyocell, wood panel, bamboo will be used in beds.

Check for certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standard on the tag or in the product description to guarantee your purchase is truly sustainable. 

3. Bold Bedroom Design Colors

Warmer, bolder tones are beginning to gain prominence as bedroom colors scheme, but soft neutrals like white and gray will always be favorites for their relaxing feel.

The most popular colors in The Company Store’s latest bedding collections were orange, caramel, mossy green, and burgundy across our bedroom’s interior design.

For a pop of color in the bedroom, use warm, saturated tones on the bedding or bedroom walls, or start small with accents like cushions, blankets, or pendant lights.

4. Statement Patterns

While you might be hesitant to cover your entire living room in flamboyantly patterned wallpaper, your bedroom is a more private location where you can try new colors and patterns.

Younger generations are more interested in making a statement with their bedroom decor. Nearly a quarter of customers under the age of 40 said they like more to employ bold patterns in their sleeping quarters.

Choose an eye-catching wallpaper, mix-and-match patterns on cushions and bedding.

5. Splurging on Quality

Quality often comes at a cost, but when it comes to comfort, customers are increasingly prepared to pay more. Nearly 80% of survey respondents stated that nowadays they spend more money on well-made, long-lasting items than on trendy, low-quality items.

Many people who splurged on high-quality home products during the pandemic have grown accustomed to that luxury. Consider which investment pieces have the most impact if you’re looking to splurge on your bedroom design.

A new mattress or pillow, for example, can improve your sleep quality, while a luxurious sheet set can make you feel like you’re in a five-star hotel.

6. Focus on Guest Rooms

Many of us are ready to start welcoming folks into our homes again after months of canceled parties and virtual meetings.

 78 percent of those polled said they want to entertain visitors this holiday season. 69 percent claimed that they did not prepare their houses properly. 

Guest rooms will be a significant emphasis to prepare for gatherings with overnight visitors.  30% of customers indicated that their next bedroom-related purchase will be for their guest area rather than their own.

Consider painting the walls, or investing in a new mattress in your spare master bedroom. In this way, visitors feel welcome and at peace.

Renovco is an Ottawa-based renovation firm specialized in bedroom renovations.

From the minute you phone our office, we consult with you and work with you every step of the process. This entails meeting with us for a consultation so that we can learn more about your ideal renovation. We also help you throughout the design and product selection process. We are just one call away! Don’t put off starting your renovation, call us at 613-727-7070.



How much to renovate a kitchen in Ottawa

In this article, we will share with you what the usual cost of kitchen remodeling in Ottawa is to help you redesign your kitchen properly.

The kitchen is the most important room in a house as it is where we spend most of our time. Because of this, it is probably the first part of your home that you will consider renovating.

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen, you will need the right budget plan, otherwise, the costs can escalate quite quickly.

When you are ready to renovate your kitchen in Ottawa, check out our list of kitchen remodeling costs.

What Can Affect the Cost of a Kitchen Renovation in Ottawa?

The cost of a kitchen renovation in Ottawa will be decided by the amount of renovation you are considering. It could just be replacing the kitchen sprayer and getting new tables.

It can also be something extravagant such as turning a room into an open kitchen and refreshing your kitchen cabinets.

Here are the average costs for a kitchen renovation in Ottawa:

Prices for various kitchen renovations in Ottawa


Vinyl and ceramic tiles used for back spraying tend to be quite affordable, but installation is tricky if you have to install them around electrical outlets and wires. It is better to hire professionals, but installation costs mean you can pay up to $ 800 per square foot of backsplash.


No kitchen is complete without beautiful tables. Prices for these vary considerably. Building brand new tiles can cost from $ 70 to $ 200 CAD per square foot. This price includes installation as well as fabrication costs.

If you want a more luxurious option, you can choose marble tables. These are more expensive and can cost up to $ 250 per square foot.

The budget option is going with laminated tables. They tend to cost around $ 30 per square foot.

Kitchen Floor

Options for kitchen floors vary greatly and so do prices. Laminate and vinyl flooring are less expensive options while wood flooring will be more expensive.

Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you can buy new ones, but the most popular option is to refinish them so that they look brand new again. There are many different factors that will affect how much it costs to complete the cupboards, so you will need to compare it to the price of getting new cabinets.

The price of new cabinets varies greatly. They range from $ 60 to $ 3,500 per linear foot, depending on their style and the materials from which they are made.

Some things to consider when renovating your kitchen

Many other factors can affect the price of renovating your kitchen, in addition to the different types of materials you will use and your choices of cabinets and tables.

For example, turning your kitchen into an open concept kitchen can cost a little more than a traditional renovation as you will save on retaining walls.

Here are some other things that can affect the cost of a kitchen renovation:

  • Changing the location of your kitchen sink means you will need to consider the cost of the extra plumbing.
  • If you change the position of certain kitchen appliances, you may need to install new lighting. The cost of these wiring increases.
  • You will also need to consider the costs and performance of the interior design.

Our free evaluation of a kitchen renovation in Ottawa

The only way we can give you an analysis of the cost of renovating your kitchen in Ottawa is to accurately measure your kitchen and identify obstacles before starting work. We will also determine with you directly in your home what style and renovation will best suit your kitchen.

We will also look at what kind of kitchen island, sprinkler, kitchen tables, or cupboards you want to have to determine the final remodeling price of your kitchen.

We can give you an estimate of the cost of renovating your kitchen in Ottawa after discussing the type of renovation you want and evaluating your kitchen.

The vast majority of kitchen renovation companies in Ottawa will not break into your home unless you pay a large deposit first. Asking to pay for a kitchen plan before these companies decide on your home is completely impractical, but it is the industry standard.

At Renovco Ottawa we always go above and beyond industry standards. We will not ask you to pay anything before we have actually settled in your home, giving you a free evaluation and agreeing to every detail of the project.

If you need a kitchen to remodel in Ottawa, find professionals you can trust. At Renovco Ottawa, our goal is to create a kitchen that is yours. This means that we will create a unique space that suits your lifestyle and taste.

When you are ready to make the change and find the kitchen of your dreams, contact us today to get your rating for free!


major renovation

9 Tips to Prepare for a Major Renovation

After surviving the lockdown, working from home, and staying with the kids 24/7, your roadside renovation project can no longer be postponed – we can hear you! The challenges posed by the pandemic have led many families to look carefully at their home environment. Some have moved to find a home that best suits their needs. Others are connected to their city or neighborhood but feel that their home needs a major overhaul to provide a better home base.

The solution is renovation. But what is included and where do you start? Here are 9 tips to prepare for a successful major renovation.

1. Consider your needs

Discuss the desired changes and preferred style

This first step is often neglected or poorly documented. Making a list of what you want to improve will not only help guide your choices but will also help determine what you like about your home (i.e., the features and rooms you want to keep such as).

Which key Renovations are you considering undertaking? An addition or addition to the floor? Do you want to renovate your kitchen or finish your basement? Talk about your needs and how you imagine your new and improved home.

What is your style? Do some research, get inspired by the latest trends, and note what catches your eye.

Think about your family’s future needs

There are huge costs associated with a major renovation, so it is important to get the biggest explosion for your profit. Where will you be in 10 years? If the kids are leaving the nest in three years, perhaps it is not necessary to build a study area just because they got the kitchen table during the last block! This type of analysis is key to deciding your needs.

2. Follow the market: How much do houses in your neighborhood cost?

Think about your neighborhood’s ability to handle your renovation. For example, if homes in your area sell for about $300,000, make sure your home does not cost $750,000 after the renovations are completed. You do not want to have the most expensive house on the block! Well, not if you can not afford it and plan to live there for the next 20 years. Depends on you.

3. Get floor plans for your major renovation

The feasibility of your project should be assessed once your needs have been identified. You have to contact a residential architecture expert, such as an architect or architectural technologist, who can develop a renovation plan for you.

How can you find a professional to help you? Some companies offer a service where the architect comes to your home to study the project and provide you with a feasibility assessment plus a ballpark idea of the costs involved.

A residential architecture expert will examine your home, its structure, and its ability to combine your renovations. They will do a survey of your home and add changes to it, developing the first draft of your plan.

4. Meet contractors and ask for quotes

With your plan in hand, you can contact the renewal contractors to request quotes.

Note that most contractors will offer you a flat rate job evaluation. If the project has complex parts or some that will be subcontracted (work done by an electrician, for example), those parts can be added separately to the contract, sometimes at an hourly rate.

Major renovations can sometimes have surprises and unexpected issues. Indeed, a contractor may prevent structural problems to fix, weakened or damaged beams, plumbing pipes to move, water infiltration, or even detect that the electrical system is not in compliance with the code. These changes will be discussed along the way but may affect time spent at work as well as the final bill.

5. Budget for your major renovation

Adjust according to quotes

Once you have received your quotes, it is time to make some difficult decisions as the quotes are often higher than originally expected. You can include some changes to stay within your budget. When you are satisfied with your choices, send these changes to your renovation expert. They will arrange the final layout.

It is highly recommended that your renovation expert and contractor work together. Their exchanges can generate great ideas based on their respective experiences and strengthen a bond that can prove useful throughout the project.

Adjust your budget to manage unexpected

One of the most important aspects of a renovation project is to include a safety net of at least 20% in your budget for surprises and incentive decisions of the moment. Most renovation projects cost a lot, so be prepared!

Remember to ask your contractor lots of questions. Talk about how you want to be informed about unexpected issues that arise and add the agreed process to the contract.

6. Where should you live during renovations?

It is highly recommended that you do not stay in your home during major renovations (kitchen, bathroom, retaining walls, etc.). Noise, dust, time of early arrival of workers in the country, constant arrivals, and departures closed water or electricity, washing dishes in the bathtub, clothes scattered around because the cupboards came out, bathrooms without showers get the idea!

It is therefore advisable to live abroad (e.g., rent a house or apartment, go out to camp) while the work is being done.

7. Do you have to save items during a major renovation?

Think about your things: will you need to store the contents of certain rooms while the work is being done? Plan to rent a storage unit or ask a close friend or family member with a large basement or spacious barn to store your belongings!

8. Notify your insurance provider

Contact your insurance provider to update your home insurance file. The premium can be adjusted while your project is ongoing if there is any possibility that the renovations will cause damage.

Furthermore, the insurance can be reviewed to reflect the value of your home after you have completed the renovations.

9. De-stress!

Major renovations can disrupt daily life, create costs, require decision-making, and of course cause stress levels. Remember it will not last forever and keep in mind that it is for your long-term comfort. 

Pros and Cons of Building a House Addition

Whenever interest rates fall and home equity loans become affordable, a hammer and saw orchestra is born all over the country. This is the sound of workers frantically building house extensions. A home addition is the single most expensive home renovation purchase that a homeowner will ever make. It is usually the only time a homeowner will write a six-digit check for a project. Unlike interior paint or landscaping work, adding a home is a project that cannot be undone. So it’s worthwhile to carefully consider this process, which can be alternatively rewarding and taxing, from all angles before you write that first check to the contractor.

Home Addition Pros 

Home Additions are all Your Creation

You may have an old house that was originally created by a builder and then changed over the years by other homeowners. When installing new floors, painting walls, or bathroom renovation, you are only adding to your unique touch of this collage.

But a home addition is a space that you can legitimately show as your creation. Building an add-on is like designing a brand new home without the expense of a brand new home. Some remodeling projects are just as exciting and creative as working with the blank slab that extra construction offers.

Additions outweigh other ways of adding space

When looking at different ways to add space to your home, no other method of creating space matches the addition of home in terms of financial and emotional value.

Sun salons are poor investments as later buyers may view them more as obligations to be broken than as quality space. If you decide to invest six figures in a fully air-conditioned sunroom, you can also build what you really want, an indoor addition.

Finished basements are applicable spaces for living and entertaining. But if you do not have a daylight basement, where one side is ground level or almost so, basements can be gloomy places with little or no windows. Plus, you are no longer adding any square footage to your home.

Room extras can best be described as mini home extras. These are an addition but are just one room, not multiple. Real home extras include many rooms. While room extras are your best option to save costs on home extras, they still come at a significant financial cost and disrupt your privacy.

Great High Cost-Value Ratio

According to the Home Counselor’s True Cost Guide, at least 65% of the cost of a mid-level two-story addition can be covered at the time of sale. 1 The key phrase, “can be recovered”, means that there is no way to predict the real estate market years ago. It is typically cheaper to build an addition than to buy a new home that equals the space of your existing home plus an addition. At the very least, the closing costs involved in selling your old home and buying a new home will push this option to the top.

Home Addition Cons

Higher Resale Price Not Guaranteed

As peripheral costs increase, you can still lose money when you decide to sell your home. More space inside the addition means higher heating and cooling costs, more windows to wash and gutters to clean, increased property taxes, and more homes to clean.

Although supplements offer the potential for higher cost-effectiveness ratios than other renovation projects, you still cannot recoup the full cost of the supplement when you sell. It is a gamble made by many homeowners. Building an add-on with the full knowledge that you will sell the house within a year or two usually means losing money, unless you are in a particularly hot real estate market.

House Additions Use up Property Space

If you do not add a second story, you will lose yard space by building an add-on. Once you build the home addition to ground level, this is space that can never be recovered.

If you have young children and you like them to play outside, you may want to stop the addition until they are mature or no longer care about outdoor play. The trend towards smaller and smaller yards continues as mammoth-sized houses cover a lot. In some communities, a backlash against houses eroding yards and additions has provoked calls for changes in zoning and permitting.

Addition Building Is Emotionally Taxing

In the early days of building a supplement, it can be exciting. At first, you can hardly wait for the workers to show up. They may not seem to be arriving fast enough.

Then one Saturday you wake up early to the sound of a gas generator five feet from your bedroom window and realize that your romance with building construction has hit the cliffs. Worse than that, your relationship with your spouse or partner can be hit on the rock. Many causes contribute to this, some of which are: having work teams in your home six days a week; noise and dust; who deal constantly with the contractor and not with each other; lack of privacy; and that end-stressful relationship, money worries.

How do bathroom renovation work?

Every renovation starts with deciding either your design or your budget. One of the two will set the tone for kickstarting the design process for your modernization. 

Renovation Case: Prioritizing Design – I

If you are prioritizing design, and you have an initial concept in mind, you may choose to engage an interior designer. An interior designer will help fill in the blanks, finalize the details, create your renovation plans, and 3D mockups until you are 100% satisfied with the design. Once this has been completed, your renovation contractor will be able to generate a budget based on the interior design plans for your renovation. In this case, you will get your dream bathroom and the project budget will be determined once you know you’re getting exactly what you want. 

Priority design – II

If your main priority is design, but you do not yet know what you want, it is best to meet for an initial consultation with your renovation contractor. Your renovation contractor will be able to provide some design inspiration and project portfolio images to help give you some initial ideas. Your contractor can also guide you through different styles to help you come up with ideas. There are a variety of style choices when it comes to the bathroom. You can go with a traditional, modern, contemporary style, farmhouse, rustic or transient. This will depend on your personal taste and other spaces in your home.

Once a style and concept are defined, your contractor will work to provide you with a list of choices for each element in your bathroom. Once you have selected your desired specifications for your vanity, countertops, mirrors, bathtub/shower, sink, faucet, toilet, tiles, etc., your contractor will be able to provide you with a budget for your project.

Renovation Case: Priority budgeting

If your project budget is your top priority, it is best to discuss this with your contractor in advance. A major bathroom renovation for a 5 ‘x 10’ bathroom in Ottawa costs about $ 10,000. This includes complete removal and replacement of the entire bathroom. Costs increase if the bathroom is larger, the orientation needs to be changed or if higher specifications are chosen. Knowing your target budget and desired bathroom style, your renovation company will provide you with a selection of items that can be used for your renovation while staying within your desired budget. Renewing on a budget does not mean that the final product will not look very good. A good contractor has the resources and contacts to be able to provide an excellent toilet to meet any reasonable budget

No matter which of the above may be your issue, at Renovco, we believe in doing what it takes to deliver great projects efficiently, cost-effectively, and cost-effectively. Whether a complex design or a tight budget is your top priority we guarantee your new bathroom will exceed your expectations. If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom or looking for a renovation company in Ottawa to help you with your next renovation, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation. You can also book an online consultation on our contact page.