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Bathroom Trends: Top 10 Trends for 2021

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Before getting started, take a look at which trends are all going crazy for 2021! Neutral colours, a mix of materials, bathroom sinks that steal the show…We’ve combined the top 2021 bathroom trends to help you decide what your new space should look like!

1. Nude colours are a must! 


For this year, we definitely need to go back to basics and nude colours are a perfect way to make it happen! These colours come to us directly from our environments like the sky or the ocean. To incorporate nude colours in your decor, you have to do more than simply paint the walls! It’s essential that you also add various basic bathroom materials with these colours, like ceramics, a type of sink, light coloured wood! 

2. A constant trend: jungle bathrooms! 


They can’t be missed : those dreamy bathrooms, flooded with luscious plants! The trend is a part of the biophilic interior design manifesto, taking from nature what nature has best to offer, building relaxing environments.  

How to integrate it: of course the first step is to have a ton of plants hanging from every corner of the room! You can convert one wall into a lush green wall, natural material for the ceramics, a freestanding bath, an irregularly shaped sink, all inspired by nature! As for colours, you can go from pure whites, greys and greens. 

3. Matte White Fittings


This trend is a rather acquired taste. An increasing number of people are getting matte white fittings in their bathrooms. Given the minimalist nature of the colour, this look works well in modern and simple bathrooms. 

Integrating the trend: Go for simple looking bathroom vanity. Unique bathroom fittings should be mixed with simple-looking tiling so they can be at the forefront of your bathroom’s design. It’s great to get an open or glass-walled shower as well. If white isn’t for you, go for black matte fittings which are still on-trend. 

4.Open Showers Are The Way to Go


In terms of showers, there are many various kinds on the market. Still, open-concept Italian showers are quite trendy – particularly those that are multi-functional and fully equipped: misting system, integrated bench, ambient lighting, anti-fog mirror, linear drain, etc. The new trend is also to add the tub in the shower area! A shower/bath space can be divided from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall. The advantage of such a look? The bathroom looks a lot more spacious. We usually notice separating walls with black frames – giving the space a loft-like look.

How to include it before committing to this look, it’s important to think of practicality. A shower-bath can be a great idea, but not so useful on a daily use basis. Any water or soap residues not only end up at the bottom of your shower but also your bath if you have them both mixed as one. If your space allows, we suggest going for an open shower and a separate bathtub.

5. Fluted, coloured smoked glass showers attract the most attention! 


Open style showers have all of our attention in 2021! But what better than to make a little twist to its design? We love a shower glass with smokey or golden colours and a fluted texture as a final touch. Unlike clear glass screens, coloured or textured glass is easier to clean. Who likes a soap stain anyway? Not only are they trendy, but they are also useful! 

How to integrate it: Choose a look that is complementary to the rest of your bathroom’s design. Smoked glass goes perfectly with a Bauhaus style, whereas a fluted glass is perfect with a classic or farmhouse decor.  

6. A Mix of Everything for a Stylish Look 

If you want to stand out with a brilliant bathroom in 2021, you absolutely require a combination of many materials for your decor. You can have textured woods with glossy elements, from glass to ceramics, or even combine different interior design styles together: like Scandinavian with industrial, traditional with mid-century…  

How to integrate it: This specific trend can become too intense if the different materials have too many colours or textures! A tip: pick elements that are in the same colour range. 

7. Kitchen Island Looking Vanities Vanities

bathroom trends

Double-sink vanities are coming back in full force! Even though, instead of being side-to-side, they are installed in an island-like vanity. This concept is very much like a kitchen island.

How to integrate it: this trend needs a little more space, but provides a lot more storage space! As it is a little hard to combine this type of vanity, it’s strongly advised to get the help of an interior designer.

8. Your bathroom, an oasis !

Raise your hand if you want your very own spa at home! This can be done with an easy transformation of a traditional bathroom by having a freestanding bath as a focal point. Zen materials should be predominant as they create a calming environment.  

How to incorporate it: Use natural materials such as wood or handmade ceramics. Avoid contrasting colours and go for more neutral tones instead. 

9. Go crazy on sinks ! 

bathroom trends

Even if they are colourful, glossy or have atypical shapes, bathroom sinks have had a makeover this year! You can also find choices made entirely of massive rocks or stone, perfect for a cabin in the woods. 

How to integrate it: If you want to have it for a while, go for a more neutral colour. Even though, if you do want an outstanding look, go for a fashionable colour or even a golden sink! Woush, impressive! 

10. Bathroom Lighting Musts for 2021

Lighting is incredibly valuable in your bathroom. Not only for aesthetic purposes but also for usage. This year’s trend is headed towards minimalist and linear lighting, which permits other elements in the bathroom to shine brilliantly. Light fixtures and appliqués are also famous but will be characterized by simple and pure lines.

How to incorporate it: If you plan on remodelling your entire bathroom, consider installing light strips between walls and the dropped ceiling. If that’s not possible, go for a mirror with integrated lighting.


Interior Design Trends for 2021/2022

One of the most interesting aspects and examples for the upcoming interior design trends for the 2021/2022 season are contemporary experiments by industry and designers to create unusual and new materials that guarantee charming beauty and style, but at the same time without harmful effects on nature, which requires a balanced approach between nature and technology. In addition to the eco-friendly access, another steady trend has been outlined in the rethinking and transformation of the interior space, dictated by the growing dynamics of the current lifestyle. And at the same time, one of the trends that made a strong impression on interior design trends – the nostalgic retro style continues to remain trendy.

Integrated interiors – a new distribution of space

Due to the dynamic requirements of a modern lifestyle, architects and designers are now faced with a more complex dimensional distribution, trying to reflect the requirements, hobbies and preferences of the client. The traditional separation of common areas, rooms, kitchens and bathrooms no longer work for current homes. Digitalization and a flexible work schedule allow more and more people to work from home, which allows designers to create homes with individual work areas that are integrated into the design of the house. This is a steady and complicated trend requiring creative design solutions. Urban interiors are becoming integrated – besides classic spaces for recreation, entertainment and everyday activities, a new space is needed for work and creative inspiration. Therefore, complex interiors,

Architects from IDIN Architects have created an inclusive interior with more than one function  – a  house, office and library in one such interesting home project in Thailand hides many intriguing solutions under its smooth wooden surfaces.

In an open-plan interior space, the kitchen is obviously becoming the center of the house. Its location among open social zones allows you to create a space that correlates to the dynamics of the modern way of life of people who combine the preparation and eating of food with social and family events. These spaces have become characterized by flexible, hidden and movable furniture designs to achieve an elegant and clear design.

The use of glass separation (fashionably framed by thin black metal frames), sliding doors or partial walls that do not reach the ceiling, as well as other visual tricks of the decor composition, helps designers to achieve the dimension and free sensation of the limited space of apartments.

The interior in the classical style from Homecult Design offers an open-plan design of the kitchen, dining room, living room with a small working corner and a separated glass partition of the bedroom.

Materials and colours

The search for natural, organic and continual has a strong influence on the production of materials, textures and colours that modern designers use to create modern homes. Handwork is a significant and worthy trend recently. This allows you to keep traditions and unique techniques and bring unique beauty to any decor composition.

The use of natural materials, such as seagrass, bamboo or corn, already occupies a strong niche and affects the production of elements of modern furniture and decor details. And of course, the most important aspect for all industries is to reduce the use of plastic and its recycling.

Also, the traditional presence of other natural materials continues to be attractive – wood, marble, stone and ceramic elements (especially handmade) should still be considered as a rich textural addition and a fashionable element for decor. They offer not only a natural environment for homes but also add a rich texture and tactile insert to compose a luxurious space.

Rich textural expressions will be the theme of the upcoming season – velvet upholstery, hemp curtains, cork walls and plywood, wickerwork and jute for furniture and decoration – everything is rich and natural.

The combination of a variety of rough organic textures on the walls, floor and ceiling, which are compared with the fashionable interior decor, in the form of velvety upholstery, marble surfaces and the modernist shine of stainless steel smooth kitchen cabinets, makes this interior universal.

The trendy colour palette offers soft and kind of retro shades of peach, pale pink and pistachio, which will give fantastic support for choosing organic and natural materials. An intriguing colour cast is gaining speed and offers an unexpectedly warm nuance – a deep ocher-yellow.

Living Room Renovation 2021/2022

To keep up with organic materials, earth tones and natural retro stylistics of the new season, the forms of the basic elements of furniture also evolve – straight, solid square lines fade, but smooth bends, wavy shapes and soft edges are gaining momentum.

And if we talk about furniture, its retro models will be reprinted again, and classic elements with new materials will keep a significant place on the design stage. The yellows, oranges and browns that match the style of the 70s have returned with a more modern look, which has allowed to breathe freshness and newness into the retro style.

For the structure of the decor of the living room for the coming season, metal gloss is also actively used, presented in bronze, gold and chrome metal elements and details, which adds a hint of charm and luxury. And this glamorous shine will be perfectly combined with such trendy material as velvet – another trend that has been following since 2018 and also remains popular. This glamorous looking velvet upholstery blends perfectly with rounded corners and oblong shapes, with a palette of organic materials and with a sheen of metallic accents.

Bedroom Renovation Decor

The following key trends that guide current designers in the 2021/2022 season can be classified in the sanctuary of the bedroom. For smaller urban spaces, smart designs such as hidden or movable bed platforms and folding furniture are needed. And as a result, the platform of the bed becomes a great space to store things.

If the bedroom is large enough, then for it you can consider a four-poster bed, which has gained good popularity in recent years (not only in bedrooms in the boho style). Many famous designers and stylists in the trendy bedroom decor use four elongated racks, interconnected by a top frame, which can be open or wrapped.

Therefore, to summarize – the presence of warm and delicate shades, a rich variety of textures, light and transforming structures and eco-friendly materials can be noted in the interior design, all this occupies a high place among trends.

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How long Does a Kitchen Renovation Take

You’ve lived in your home for years, and now it’s time: No more laminate countertops. Say adieu to that oh-so-’70s backsplash. You’ve got the money to make it happen, but do you have the time? Given that a kitchen new design obscure access to the area where you cook your meals, you might be wondering: How long does a kitchen renovation take?

There are two ways to answer that question. First, if you’re thinking how long the full process takes from the beginning when you’re picking out faucets to the day you’re sliding a roast into your new Viking oven, the answer is about 6 months.

And yes, 6 months may seem like forever, but keep in mind that you would still be able to access most of your kitchen for the majority of this period, so you won’t be subsisting on Pop-Tarts. Still, this duration is worth factoring in just in case you’re chewing at the bit for your new cabinets and countertops to look picture-perfect just in time to say, host Thanksgiving dinner next year.

Usually, when homeowners think how long kitchen renovations take, they’re concerned about that awkward, deprived phase when they can’t easily use their stove, fridge, and countertops at all. The answer here is kinder, but it’s still a long slog, particularly if you’re a gourmet who gets sick of takeout fast.

“I like to explain to clients to expect to be without their kitchens for an average of 6 weeks,” said Manhattan-based interior designer Tina Ramchandani.

Why kitchen renovations go on and on

Why, exactly, do kitchen renovation drag on for so long? Because they’re the perfect storm of renovation-related time delays all evened into one.

For starters, kitchens are custom. Every kitchen is different, in terms of shape, size, even down to whether you want brass or brushed-nickel hardware on your cabinets. And such personalized projects require a lot of human input-in fact, an entire team may be joined in.

Have you ever heard the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen”? That describes kitchen renovations to a tee-there are just a lot of moving parts!

A more complicated matter is that many of the materials used to renovate a kitchen are huge, and heavy, and take time to ship. Also, everything that needs to be installed in your kitchen should be in a certain order-cabinets before countertops, for instance, so if you’re dying for a particular Carrara slab but forgot to order it in advance, waiting on this shipment can accost your project tremendously.

You can also expect a bunch of hurry-up-and-wait scenarios when it comes to procuring an allowance for your renovation (which are required by law, so don’t cut corners). And if your demo has sawdust flying through the air, it’s outright dangerous to light a gas stove, so better safe than sorry there.

Last but not least, never underrate the paralysis that can set in when you have to choose exactly which faucet, finish, or looks you’ll have to live with for the next considerable years. Weeks can flash by very fast. And once contractors start hammering, last-minute changes can press reverse and add days or even weeks.

How to survive a kitchen renovation

The secret to keeping your kitchen renovation as short as possible is easy: Plan ahead, and try to avoid changing your mind midstream.

Plus, while your kitchen renovation may kink your usual cooking methods, you don’t have to suffer. It’s also the perfect excuse to break out of any ruts and experiment with more unusual ways to eat well by leaning on other items you may overlook: slow cooker (just plug it in), raw food recipes, an outdoor grill (who said you can’t grill in winter?), and (for when you’re fridge-less) an ice cooler for staples like milk, eggs, and deli meat.

Trust us, this is a first-world problem that you will totally handle, folks. So try to see this limbo period as a necessary interval that will make you appreciate your new kitchen all the more once it’s done.

And if you are looking for kitchen renovation companies in Ottawa, then you have come to the right place. We utilize a unique renovation process when it comes to making customized kitchen designs for you.


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15 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021

15 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021? 

In-home decor essentials, each detail can make a difference in the overall concept of a dream interior. One of the greatest elements includes door design 2021 which is worth paying special awareness to as it forms both the interior/exterior design of your house.

Doors, chosen in accordance with your home interior, can add a special touch to the interior design of your apartment and country house.

Interior and exterior doors come in a wide-ranging of materials, formats, types, frames and sizes.

Here, we have picked out some of the most tending doors that stand out and help to make a statement in decor trends 2021.


Crittall-style has become a lot popular and fashionable in recent years as interior design elements for the house. They have gained so much liking and popularity that you can also find designs in this style intended for use as shower doors

The absolutely stylish look of Crittall will accomplish any room design, transforming it into an ultra-modern space.

Shapes and Sizes

When you think about getting a new door for your apartment, it is really crucial to double-check the accurate dimensions you are going to apply. Even though there is common thinking that frame dimensions are standard, it won’t be superfluous to make sure about it.

In general, most of the door design in 2021 is in standard dimensions.

However, if you tend to have altering sizes or shapes, certainly, you can find some exclusive designs on the stores or have them on order. 

Additionally, we recommend you to pay even more attention to dimensions if you are going to opt for an innovative way of opening.

Presently, there is a recommendation from designers to use high front doors if you have a problem to create the trick of a high ceiling.

Wide Front Doors 2021

Wide front doors add depth and dimension to the house. The choice of wide doors as main interior elements has the advantage of opening up space. Furthermore, it allows the transfer of the pieces of furniture from one room to the other.

Apparently, large doors are more appropriate for big houses. So, you can consider this variant for your country house, also taking into account that it will ask much space.

But, sure you’ll have a wide range of design options to choose from for this trend.

Interior Door Color Trends 2021

In fact, there is no exact colour option as the trendiest for interior doors. The all-time favourite, colours are the shades of creamy white, grey and brown. Even though, there is not any distinct twist in this subject.

Meanwhile, it is modish to have interior doors in the same colour as the walls in that particular room.

In other words, to have the solution of combining the door with the room. Thus, you have original-looking space with nearly disappeared doors.

Pastel Shades

While dark hues are effective in standard apartments, and they may be easier to use, pastels remain the most favourite for those with classic taste. Pastel shades look stunning in combination with the furniture, accessories and equipment picked from the same colour palette.

As a result, you will have a light and peaceful space.

Dark Shades

A great option for interior door colour choice is to apply dark shades that are rich and provide the space with warmth and character.

With dark shades, also you can pay attention to the facilities in order to achieve an entire artistic environment for the rooms.

With the dark shades, black doors are absolutely in trend, in designs featuring glass and iron components.

Contemporary Models

There are a number of modish door design inspirations that are worth considering. A trend option with rising popularity is a door design in various applications.

Day by day more home designs and remodels introduce diverse applications for home decor. With the common use of passage swing doors, you can find multiple styles of interior door designs for every single room in your home

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have recently gained much attraction as a bathroom door style. They show a door model moving in and out of the area inside the wall. You can use pocket doors as double or single door opportunity.

Sliding Doors

The even design of sliding doors tends to make living easy. Moving doors resolved with floor to ceiling glass doors will allow a large opening. As an open balcony door, it will help to let the outdoor breeze into your house.

Pivot Doors

Picking distinct applications for your doors will merge extra charm and spirit to your home. Exclusive pivot doors are eye-catching both for entrance & interior door designs in modern houses.

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Our teams of experts are always ready to assist you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!


Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Old House

Nowadays it is hard to find good renovation ideas for the bathroom or any other room in an old style house. The biggest part of all the old houses has so much history that is a sin not to save them. Renovco can help you bring back to life your home like the golden days when it was first built. You are just a phone call away from having the bathroom you desire.  In this article, you will find some tips on how to save all the glory of your old bathroom while using new methods and furniture. In the end, you will have the bathroom you see in the old movies that you like and the enjoyable modern appliance.

Choose the Right Paint Colour

Choosing the right colour may be the most important key so you may have wanted a result at the end. We all imagine the old-time “painted” with dark and faded paint colours but on the contrary, there are a lot of warm and modern colours that can give the same class as the dark violet etc. We advise you to use warm colours like faded yellow or light apple green, always keeping in mind the colours of the furniture. One important thing that you are lucky to have nowadays is the quality of colour. Make sure to use anti-microbial paint that protects your walls from moisture and mildew. Even though it can cost you more at the moment, you will save afterwards because these paints will last forever. Another important thing to mention is that you have to keep the bathroom untouched and unused till the paint has finished drying. colour ideas

Select the Faucet First

Choosing the right faucet for your sink or your tub may be the hardest thing to choose. A beautiful faucet will be the most visible thing in your bathroom that everyone will envy. After you choose the tub and sink faucet you can proceed choosing all the other bathroom hardware, toilet flush lever, towel bar and everything else. There are some modern double faucets ideas with a vintage vibe that will bring after renovation the whole old look to your old house bathroom. We need to keep it simple for the faucet colour, we advise you to choose between gold and silver ones. Also if you want to go a little extra you may choose different sink faucets with different flower styles etc.bathroom_faucet

Think About Your Storage and Counterspace Needs

We do not want our bathroom to be all looks and not at all easily usable. That’s why we need to think about storage so we can have easy access to all the things in our bathroom. The traditional sink offers a nice classy look but lets no room for a storage area and it’s very limited in the counter surface. The best choice is to have a big antic looking wood cabinet with a big bowl sink in the top. The bowl sinks look perfect with our previous chosen classy faucets.


Make Flawless Flushing a Priority

Usually, older homes have some serious problems with the pipeline system. That’s why firstly you must hire a plumber to fix these issues before continuing to choose the right toilet. Most old houses have iron pipelines that get easily rusted and start leaking. Installing new plastic pipelines will save you a lot of money in the features.flushing-toilet

Flatter Yourself with the Right Light

In most cases, bathrooms have small windows and that’s why they lack natural lighting. Installing a professional and custom lighting system will be your best investment in order to bring to life your bathroom renovation ideas for your old house. The perfect place to pay the most attention while placing lights is around the mirror that is located on top of the sink. The new led lights camouflage as old lamps, not only will help you decorate your bathroom but also will help you getting ready in the morning or putting your make-up on before going out.bathroom-lighting-ideas

Pick Porcelain

Bathrooms of the old houses let you a wide variety of choices of your tiles. You can choose one colour tiles or go crazy on tiles with different shapes, colours and designs because everything is acceptable. We advise you to choose between porcelain tiles design because they are way cheaper and need less little maintenance over cement and encaustic ones.


Upgrade Your Electrical

The old house bathroom may have an outdated electrical system and we will try to give you some renovation ideas. Your newly renovated bathroom will need a new electrical system too because the modern appliances like a washer machine or hairdryer will need much more electrical power than the old electrical system can not handle.

electrical bathroom

Control Air Temperature and Humidity

Bathrooms are rooms with the highest levels of temperature and humidity. You need to be careful about choosing the right heater and ventilation system. The best thing to have is the top middle size window that can bring fresh air and increase the airflow. If it’s impossible to have a window a modern ventilation system is a must.

bathroom humidity

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Our teams of experts are always ready to assist you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!



30 Inspiring Before and After Kitchen Renovations

If you need some inspiration with before and after photos of kitchen renovations example, you are in the right place. Renovco Ottawa is the contractor that is going to turn your dream kitchen into reality. If you have a clear idea, all you have to do is to contact our experts to discuss all the other details. If you still don’t know how to remodel your kitchen here are some examples. For more information, you can contact us anytime you want.

 1# The first kitchen from our renovations example

In the first example, we thought to show you a minimal idea that with a small cost can be turned by a professional into something very fancy and special. Nowadays it’s very common to put center cabinets that work as a dining table as well. Mostly people prefer minimalist colours like black, white or as in our case gray because they look more modern in comparison to other colours like brown etc.


 2# The Second kitchen from our renovations example

In the next project, we keep the same design as in the first one. Changing the paint colour to gray will have a great impact on the look your kitchen will have from now on.  Making some of the cabinets open in order to display every glass or plate that you like and other decorations will help to personalize your kitchen even more.


3# The third kitchen from our renovations example

In this project, I think that photos say more about words. From the outdated 70’s design to a modern one with plenty of light and very pleasant. On this, before and after photo it is very clear what to expect from our experts that even your small corner kitchen can be made a beautiful environment where you can spend hours cooking for yourself or your family.


4# The fourth kitchen from our renovations example

In this article, we have continued the gray-blue vibe because of the many requests of our clients. Our policy is always to care for and respect our customers ‘ needs and desires. We can come to our showroom to discuss with an expert all the colour palettes that can look good with the other parts of your house. In these photos, we can see what a big difference can do just professional paint and some small arrangements.



5# The fifth kitchen from our renovations example

If you have a big window with a beautiful view outside, why not emphasize that, let the natural light in and open up space around the window. Also, the baby blue colour mixed with white helps a lot to give our kitchen look a lot bigger and modern. With your new kitchen, you will love the whole making diner process even more.


6# The sixth kitchen from our renovations example

In this photo, you can clearly see the big difference in colours and lighting comparing the before photo and the after renovation one. The dining room and kitchen are now one. You now have a bigger space and a lot of natural lighting and artificial too.


7# The seventh kitchen from our renovations example

I can not recommend enough that if it is possible to have big windows you should do it. Having big windows provide a connection between your kitchen with the outdoors.


8# The eighth kitchen from our renovations example

The wallpapers on the kitchen belong now to the past times. Nowadays the modern look consists of the main colour and another colour that can pop up.


9# The ninth kitchen from our renovations example

From a kitchen that looks like has come straight from an old RV, this kitchen is transformed into a kitchen that looks exactly as those fancy kitchen that is shown on TV. Having a kitchen like that is now as expensive and as far away as you think.

kitchen renovation 0

10# The tenth kitchen from our renovations example

This kitchen has all the elements of the previous kitchens we have shown to you. It has a lot of space, bright colours, a pop colour and some little decorations like flowers etc.

kitchen renovation 10


You can visit our blog for more ideas …

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Our teams of experts are always ready to assist you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!


IICRC certified company

Why Choose An IICRC Certified Firm?

After disasters, it’s time to build back up as soon as possible and you don’t have time to think about the quality of the restoration that’s why you need to choose an IICRC certified firm. It may be your house or your business that needs restoration and you can’t live without it even one day. Out there may be many frauds that promise you a quick renovation but in the end, they do a terrible job.

In this time you should always check and choose for companies that are certified by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification or IICRC. One of the certified firms of renovation is RENOVCO. 

How to be sure your contractors are certified by the IICRC?

The first thing you should check is whether your service provider has the logo of the IICRC certification and ask how many of the working workers have it. Only restoration firms that are authorized certified by the IICRC may utilize the Certified Firm logo.   

What is IICRC Certified?

The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration is a nonprofit institution that establishes global norms and professional preparation. Education and certification are required every year and all the firms are tested if they are still worth to be certified. Also, the companies or participants that pass many certifications can attain Journeyman or Master status in specialties like fire, weather or mould restoration. To have your building renovated by a company with IICRC Certification means that you can be sure that you are dealing only with professionals. 


There are many conditions that a company needs to meet in order to qualify for the title of the certification. The first and most important is that at least one member of the staff must be IICRC qualified and be present on every job. But our company doesn’t stop with that. At Renovco every technician has taken and passed the IICRC exam. Even the new technicians that start to work at our company if they do not already have the certification are required to take the exam for it. 

What are the Standards?

There are also a lot of standards that our technicians should meet not just the certifications. We are required to present ourselves to work professionally and to communicate with customers as kindly as we can. It is also a standard to give information to our clients on everything regarding the job. Before we begin doing the job we discuss and inform you about the cost and the duration of the work. Us at Renovco does the impossible to do the job as low cost and as fast as we can so you can re-enter your building as soon as possible. We keep a written policy every time with us for handling any complaints you may have. We also maintain insurance at all times to protect our consumers and our employees while on the job. 

4 Advantages of Choosing an IICRC-Certified Firm

Choosing an IICRC certified firm has only advantages and not even one disadvantage. Just to illustrate the advantages we are gonna list four of the most important ones.

Peace of Mind. After hiring an IICRC certified firm you can be sure that everything will go as planned. Our experts are trained and have passed all the exams in order to assist you with professionalism and dedication. Also, our company has liability insurance to protect you, ourselves and your property in case anything goes out of plan.  

Expertise. You can count on Renovco on every window and doors and restoration or renovation of your house or your business needs. Renovco is specialized and certified by IICRC as a professional firm that can do these kinds of jobs correctly.

Up-to-Date. Revovco as part of the IICRC family takes palace on various education programs to keep track of the latest and best tools or techniques that are used in the renovation industry.

Client Satisfaction. As proven before Renovo with the knowledge that has learned from IICRC has done every job as near to perfection as possible and will try to do the same thing. This professionalism made it possible for us to have only positive reviews. 

Why Us?

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you, whether you would like to design your dream home, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!

Renovco has a smartly identifiable Unique Concept. From emergency work reconstruction, content handling and cleaning, warehousing, mould remediation, Ozone treatment, and Fire-line system to a distribution channel and one-stop-shop for design services. This clever solution is translating to become, not only an exclusive competency that Renovco enjoys but also a profound peace-of-mind feature that clients treasure.

So, feel free to contact us here.


Sewage and Water Damage Clean Up Service

Sewage and Water Damage Clean Up Service

It is necessary that after flooding to call for sewage and water damage clean up service. You have to keep in mind that water and sewage damage can’t wait for too long because it can cause different other problems in your house like mould or even in your health. Sewage has many different health hazards including illness to poisonous gases like hydrogen sulphide,  musculoskeletal disorders like osteoarthritic, skin problems, and difficulty in the respiratory system. Renovco clean up service for sewage and water damage will be there immediately to protect you and your house.

Causes of Sewage Problems

  • Old or broken lines. It’s recommended to uninstall the old iron lines and use plastic pipes because on the contrary of iron lines they don’t experience deterioration. 
  • Tree roots damaged sewer lines. Mainly in older houses that have iron sewer pipes, tree roots can cause easily big problems. Installing newer water plastic lines and restore the damage would be the solution.
  • Structural Defects. Structural defects come on every house some years after the installation of the sewer lines. This includes that the lines may collapse, misalignment or holes and cracks.
  • Flooding of sanitary and a storm sewer. Sanitary and storm sewer is a system of underground pipes that carries sewage and rainfall runoff water. But sometimes those systems flood and cause problems in the bathroom, basement or kitchen.

Preparing, preventing and stay safe during a flood in Toronto

The best way to deal with sewage and water damage is to prevent them from happening in the first place. We are gonna give you some advice so you can always be safe. 

Prepare and prevent

  • Windows and doors sealing. It is best to isolate doors and windows to prevent water or mould damage to every room. Usually, during storms, a lot of rainwater can penetrate windows and doors if they aren’t sealed and can cause extra damage that can be prevented easily.  
  • Check Valves. Installing sewer valves is necessary on every sewer line to prevent floodwater from backing up into the rooms.
  • Install Drainage. You must install some drainage for downspouts to make sure that water moves away from your building.
  • Keep instructions ready. Ask our specialist for instructions for shutting off water valves and gas in case of emergencies. 
  • Have the Renovco Cleanup Service number ready. In emergencies situation, it is best to have a partner you can call for help. You can call Renovo Services anytime and you’ll be there for you.

Flood Safety Tips

The first thing you should do in a flood situation is to stay calm and disconnect electrical appliances. If the flooding is slow and you have time, you should move inside the outdoor furniture. If your lower kitchen cabinets have come in contact with floodwater they are not eatable anymore. 

Cleaning and Restoration of Sewage and Water Damage

After the scary part is over you should sit and make a plan for restoration and cleaning. You can call Renovco for every sewage and water damage clean up service. After our team is there, you don’t have to worry anymore because in a matter of time everything will be as it was before. 

Water Restoration Services List:

  • Water Damage Cleanup
  • Emergency Flood Service
  • Water Removal
  • Basement Flood Cleanup

After a sewage backup, it is needed a professional intervention right away in order that you and your family can be safe afterwards. If you give us a call in the earlier stages of the sewage backup we can provide an immediate response action to reduce the harm to your home.

Can carpet be cleaned after a sewer backup?

Carpets are great, they offer a wormer and cozy look to the house but they can turn into a big problem after a sewer backup. Carpets have complex fibrous make-up that makes it difficult to clean it after a sewer backup with just the regular tools you use in everyday life. After that, the carpet has been in contact with sewer water it’s the possibility to contain many viruses, parasites and bacteria. Our experts are certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) – the leading authority on standards for professional carpet cleaning. With the right appliances, we will make your carpet as good as new, without pathogens or different smells.

Is Your Property at Risk for Sewage Damage

‘It won’t happen to me’, maybe you heard this many times before. We never know when a disaster will happen so we have to prepare for the worst. Even if we do everything right, maybe after a storm or natural disasters we will face sewage and water damage that needs immediately a cleanup service. Our teams of experts are always willing to assist you, whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get disinfection and cleaning services, you can count on Renovco!

So, feel free to contact us here.

Modern kitchen renovation ideas

Modern kitchen renovation ideas

They say that love goes through the stomach and I think that it is true and this position kitchen is the base of a home filled with love. If your kitchen doesn’t feel like that place anymore you should definitely seek some modern renovation ideas. There are many types of beautiful kitchen designs and styles but if you like modern designs more, you should definitely check this blog out.

Top 10 ideas for your modern renovation kitchen

  • Let the Light Pour In. Big windows with plenty of natural light along with simpler and clean lines are some of the most important things you should consider doing in order to have a modern kitchen. 
  • Have Fun. Things that we like the most in our homes are those that we had fun with and didn’t stress so much as how it will look in the end. 
  • Add One Pop of Color. Usually, modern kitchens come with just one basic colour like white or black. You will need to choose another accompanying colour that can pop out and can give your kitchen the modern look that you are demanding.
  • Hide the Hood. In general, a classic stainless steel hood feels too common. You have so many options to change this like for example you can hide it behind a pretty glass encasement.
  • Take Risks. If you really like something but you are not sure how it will look, the best decision is to do it. Get out of the ordinary and the result will be granted.
  • Play With Asymmetry. Symmetry is one specific measure of beauty but it can be boring sometimes. In these cases, it’s best to play with lines, curves and contrast.
  • Mix Styles. As long as you keep it simple, you can add all the things that you like from the other styles.

The Common Risks

Often we try to save money while renovating our kitchen but this can lead to some serious mistakes. It is always worth to work out an accurate budget before starting to renovate your home. It’s best for you to consult a professional that can help you determine which option is the most cost-effective. 

Also, it’s best to make a good design and plan every step of the renovation in order to front any poorly organized space or time delays. Another thing to worry about is electrical and plumbing mistakes. If not done correctly it may cause some serious damage in a short time, like mould and water damage.

How much does a kitchen renovation cost?

Most of the time people don’t realize how much a good kitchen renovation will cost and usually, they tend not to plan the right budget. Our experts will help you with every step of your dream modern kitchen. With our professional advice, you will save money and have a great kitchen in the end. The average amount of money spent on a modern kitchen renovation in Ottawa is closer to $25,000, but this varies with your kitchen ideas.

Kitchen Renovation Partner in Ottawa

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to renovate your kitchen. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Why Us?

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!

bathroom and kitchen contractors in Ottawa

The best bathroom and kitchen contractors in Ottawa

Looking for bathroom and kitchen contractors in Ottawa?

It does not matter if you want to renovations, remodel your bathroom, kitchen or you will remodel other parts of the house. We are able to show you the right solution for your contractor, and it is called Renovco Ottawa. We all want the bathroom and kitchen renovations to function normally and its completion in the end to be a positive result.

The main goal of Renovco Ottawa is to provide successful services where everyone is satisfied. But what makes us a company that you should choose Renovco Ottawa for bathroom and kitchen contractors in Ottawa.

  • Professional Teams for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
  • Affordable prices for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation
  • Accepting and giving ideas for improvements
  • Modern and classic ideas for you

Bathroom Renovation and contractors

By choosing the right contractors for your bathroom you will be able to solve one of the main problems in your home. But what is a bathroom, Contractors? Often times most of us confuse this part. A contractor in itself is a bathroom renovator, but a bathroom renovator is likely not to be a contractor. But for Renovco Ottawa there is no problem because we are always able to bring the best services for you and your family. Our professionals are able to do a good job and you will love it.

Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration

  1. White Modern Bathroom
  2. Black Powder Room
  3. Walk-In Shower with Pebble Tile
  4. Fresh Traditional Bathroom
  5. Simple and Clean Traditional Bathroom
  6. Small Functional Bathroom
  7. Minimal Spa Bathroom
  8. Bathroom with Forest Wallpaper
  9. Brass Tacks
  10. Waterfall Style Walk-In Shower

For more ideas for Bathroom Renovations in Ottawa click on Bathroom Renovation.

What bathroom contractors can assist you with

  • Bathroom Design

First of all, good contractors should consider designing a new bathroom. Renovco Ottawa has a group of professional designers who can redesign your bathroom according to your preferences. By creating a good bathroom remodel contractors are able to optimize the space in it.

  • Demolition

It’s very simple to demolish something, but too hard to fix something else. Quite simply we can ruin our Bathroom, but after that, we can ruin many other things. Each bathroom is composed of different pipes and conductive electricity, and small damage no matter how much of them can affect the whole house. This is where Bathroom Contractors come in because a professional knows how to get a job done.

  • Plumbing and electrical

A bathroom contractor is also able to take care of Plumbing and electrical. By doing the right work you will not need to hire some workers to accomplish a job but simply 1.

  • Closing up: gypsum and ceramic

Renovco Ottawa is able to perform the main works of all contractors such as gypsum and ceramic. After the renovation is completed, the walls and floors must be closed to proceed with the next step.

  • Installing, cupboards, and furnishings

After the successful realization of gypsum and ceramic, contractors should be able to install in our bathroom, different furnishings.

  • Finishing touches

And here we come to the last step of bathroom contractors. And after we finished the total renovations of the bathroom we have the installation of mirrors covers, small additional equipment according to preferences.

Kitchen Renovations and Contractors

We are often forced to make changes in our home to improve it. And one of those changes we make to the house is Kitchen Renovations. Maybe not everyone is excited about these changes we want to make to the kitchen, and we do not know who is the right Contractors who can make this happen.  A proper kitchen contractor is able to create the right spaces to suit our needs.  By choosing the right contractors for your kitchen you will not only have a refurbished and beautiful kitchen, but also a reduction in overall costs. By trusting Renovco Ottawa you will have the most professional and advanced services for kitchen renovation and much more.

Kitchen Design Ideas and Inspiration

  1. Monochromatic and black kitchens
  2. The painted kitchen
  3. Colourful kitchens
  4. Cleverly concealed storage
  5. Sustainability and eco-friendly kitchens
  6. Built-in appliances
  7. Broken-plan living
  8. Two-tone kitchens
  9. The concealed kitchen
  10. Ladders make a return
  11. Smart tech

For more ideas for Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa click on Kitchen Renovation.

Why Us?

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!