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Lower my Energy Bills With a New Window

An important consideration for both existing and new homes is an energy-efficient window. Heat loss and heat gain through windows are responsible for around 25% –30% of the heating and cooling energy usage of homes.

If you are choosing windows for new construction or to replace existing windows, it is important to choose the most efficient windows you can afford and that work best in your climate.

If your existing windows are in good condition, taking steps to decrease energy loss through windows can make your home more comfortable and save you money on energy bills.

You have two broad options if you are hoping to reduce the amount of energy lost through your windows and improve the comfort of your own home:

  • Update existing windows to improve efficiency
  • Replace your windows.

Update existing Windows to improve efficiency

If your windows are in good condition, taking steps to enhance their efficiency may be the most cost-effective option to boost the comfort of your home and save money on energy costs. Here are some things you can do to enhance the efficiency of your existing windows:

  • Check existing window for air leaks
  • Medical and weather belt. 
  • Add window treatments and coverings.
  • Add windows or storm panels
  • Add the solar control film
  • Add exterior shades, such as canopies, exterior blinds, or overhangs.
  • With any efficiency improvements, take steps to ensure appropriate installation and check again for air leaks after you have made the upgrade.

Replace your Window

If you decide to replace your windows, you will have to make some decisions about the type of windows you buy and the type of replacement you will do.

You may have the opportunity of replacing the windows in their existing frame; Discuss this option with your vendor and window installer to find out if it will work for you.

You will also have to choose which features you want in your windows. You will need to choose on the following:

  • Types of frames
  • Type of polishing
  • Gas fillings and separators
  • Types of operation

Selection process

In addition to choosing the type of window, you should also consider the modeling, use, and labeling of power, warranties, and proper installation.

First, when buying new windows look for the ENERGY STAR label. Then review the ratings on the energy performance label from the National Windshield Assessment Council (NFRC) to find the most efficient windows for your needs.

NFRC ratings are included in all ENERGY STAR-certified windows and provide a reliable way to determine the energy properties of a window and compare products. 

Efficient Windows Collaboration gives a choosing process for both new construction windows and replacement windows:

  • The selection process for window replacement
  • The process of selecting windows for new constructions

Tips for choosing window

  • Request ENERGY STAR and NFRC tags.
  • In colder climates, consider choosing gas-filled windows with low gear to reduce heat loss. In warmer climates, choose cladding windows to reduce heat gain.
  • For better thermal resistance in colder climates, pick a low U factor; factor U is the speed at which a window conducts the flow of non-solar heat.
  • Look for a low solar heat growth coefficient (SHGC). SHGC is a measure of solar radiation received through a window. Low SHGCs decrease heat gain in warmer climates.
  • Choose windows with low U factors and low SHGC to maximize energy savings in mild climates with cold and hot seasons.
  • Look for the U-factors and SHGCs of the whole unit, rather than the U-center glass factors and SHGCs. Integer numbers more accurately reflect the energy performance of the entire product.


Even the most energy-efficient window must be correctly installed to ensure energy efficiency and convenience. Have your windows installed by trained professionals according to the manufacturer’s instructions; otherwise, your warranty may be invalid.

Window installation varies depending on the type of window, house construction (wood, masonry, etc.), exterior cladding (wooden siding, mortar, brick, etc.), and type (if any) of weather – limiting barrier.

Windows, ignition, and air closure have to be installed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to perform correctly.

door installation

Advices To Hire An Expert Door Installation Company

If you’re searching for door installations in a new home or thinking of renovating with new doors, you should consult an expert. Even though, you may want to install the doors yourself if you have any basic carpentry or home improvement skills. However, if you aren’t familiar with electric tools or don’t have experience with home improvement for projects such as door installation, you may want to hire a specialist. Here are a few helpful hints to keep in mind when you make this crucial choice for your dream home.

Tips of Door Installation

Options Availability

When you are not sure what you want, think about a few different choices before settling on one. Even if you have a specific idea in mind for the look and feel of new doors, it’s a good idea to look at a range of choices and read about the benefits and drawbacks of each. You may choose from a variety of customizations, such as the type of glass or the type of hinge, to meet your specific requirements. You may prefer privacy and natural light, or you may choose a distinctive style. It’s easier to make a decision when you have more options.

So look for a door installation company that offers a wide range of options, from old colony doors to the most up-to-date styles.

It’s All About the Quality

If you’ve narrowed down your choices, inspect the nature of the doors and materials used. You should consider any aspect of the door you choose, from the type of iron to the type of glass used. You should consider factors such as weather resistance and ease of maintenance when conducting a quality assessment.

Budget-Friendly Pricing

The price you would pay is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best door installation company for your needs. This covers both the cost of the doors and the cost of construction. Request a detailed quote that includes all costs, and don’t be afraid to compare it to other door installation firms. Make certain there are no hidden fees that the company may ask you to pay once the installation process has begun. Check to see if the total costs are within the budget.

Experience And Testimonials

You should consider the expertise of your door installation business, just as you would any other professional. Examine the feedback and testimonials for firsthand information about the company’s services.

Timeline obligatory

Before you sign a contract with a company, make sure you know how long it will take to complete the entire installation process. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, make certain that they can complete the work within the specified timeline.

After-Installation Services

Last but not least, think of the services that your door installation company will provide in the event of a problem. While some companies will continue to provide services during the year, others may disregard any service requests once the implementation is complete. To prevent future conflicts, thoroughly read the terms of service in advance.


When it comes to exterior door repair, a skilled door installation company has the equipment and skills to repair your exterior door to provide the highest level of protection for your home or business.

Reduces Risk of Danger

Because of their size or weight, some types of doors can be extremely dangerous to work with. If anyone unskilled tries to fix the door, depending on what part of the door needs to be fixed and what the door is used or built for, an injury may result.

Use the Right Equipment

Certain door installations necessitate the use of specialized equipment that the majority of homeowners lack. When fixing a door yourself, you’re unlikely to buy a tool you’ll only need once, so you’ll have to make do with whatever you have in your toolbox, something that might not be what you were looking for

Licensed and Insured

Professional door installation technicians are certified and insured, which ensures they are committed to delivering excellent service to their customers, and their insurance will cover any unexpected costs, so you won’t be left hanging.

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15 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021

15 Interior and Exterior Door Trends for 2021? 

In-home decor essentials, each detail can make a difference in the overall concept of a dream interior. One of the greatest elements includes door design 2021 which is worth paying special awareness to as it forms both the interior/exterior design of your house.

Doors, chosen in accordance with your home interior, can add a special touch to the interior design of your apartment and country house.

Interior and exterior doors come in a wide-ranging of materials, formats, types, frames and sizes.

Here, we have picked out some of the most tending doors that stand out and help to make a statement in decor trends 2021.


Crittall-style has become a lot popular and fashionable in recent years as interior design elements for the house. They have gained so much liking and popularity that you can also find designs in this style intended for use as shower doors

The absolutely stylish look of Crittall will accomplish any room design, transforming it into an ultra-modern space.

Shapes and Sizes

When you think about getting a new door for your apartment, it is really crucial to double-check the accurate dimensions you are going to apply. Even though there is common thinking that frame dimensions are standard, it won’t be superfluous to make sure about it.

In general, most of the door design in 2021 is in standard dimensions.

However, if you tend to have altering sizes or shapes, certainly, you can find some exclusive designs on the stores or have them on order. 

Additionally, we recommend you to pay even more attention to dimensions if you are going to opt for an innovative way of opening.

Presently, there is a recommendation from designers to use high front doors if you have a problem to create the trick of a high ceiling.

Wide Front Doors 2021

Wide front doors add depth and dimension to the house. The choice of wide doors as main interior elements has the advantage of opening up space. Furthermore, it allows the transfer of the pieces of furniture from one room to the other.

Apparently, large doors are more appropriate for big houses. So, you can consider this variant for your country house, also taking into account that it will ask much space.

But, sure you’ll have a wide range of design options to choose from for this trend.

Interior Door Color Trends 2021

In fact, there is no exact colour option as the trendiest for interior doors. The all-time favourite, colours are the shades of creamy white, grey and brown. Even though, there is not any distinct twist in this subject.

Meanwhile, it is modish to have interior doors in the same colour as the walls in that particular room.

In other words, to have the solution of combining the door with the room. Thus, you have original-looking space with nearly disappeared doors.

Pastel Shades

While dark hues are effective in standard apartments, and they may be easier to use, pastels remain the most favourite for those with classic taste. Pastel shades look stunning in combination with the furniture, accessories and equipment picked from the same colour palette.

As a result, you will have a light and peaceful space.

Dark Shades

A great option for interior door colour choice is to apply dark shades that are rich and provide the space with warmth and character.

With dark shades, also you can pay attention to the facilities in order to achieve an entire artistic environment for the rooms.

With the dark shades, black doors are absolutely in trend, in designs featuring glass and iron components.

Contemporary Models

There are a number of modish door design inspirations that are worth considering. A trend option with rising popularity is a door design in various applications.

Day by day more home designs and remodels introduce diverse applications for home decor. With the common use of passage swing doors, you can find multiple styles of interior door designs for every single room in your home

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have recently gained much attraction as a bathroom door style. They show a door model moving in and out of the area inside the wall. You can use pocket doors as double or single door opportunity.

Sliding Doors

The even design of sliding doors tends to make living easy. Moving doors resolved with floor to ceiling glass doors will allow a large opening. As an open balcony door, it will help to let the outdoor breeze into your house.

Pivot Doors

Picking distinct applications for your doors will merge extra charm and spirit to your home. Exclusive pivot doors are eye-catching both for entrance & interior door designs in modern houses.

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Our teams of experts are always ready to assist you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!

Windows Replacement Costs

2021 Windows Replacement Costs

Windows are one of the most important parts of a house and that’s why we have to know the replacement costs. Throughout the day we all want to let as much sun as we can inside our house but this can be hard with an old window that has unclear glass and a broken window frame that lets all the wind and insects inside our house. If you think that your windows need a replacement you can contact us at Renovco to profit from the best windows in the market with quite beneficial replacement costs. In this article, we are gonna see the process of replacing windows based mainly on the cost by type and on the cost by types of window frames. 

Cost by type

We have a lot of different types of windows that you can choose from. If you come to our showroom you can choose from our types of windows like casement windows, double-hung, single-hung, slider or sliding windows, awning, bay, bow windows etc.   

  • Casement Windows. Casement windows are one of the most popular types of windows not only in Canada but also in the whole world. The casement windows can be open horizontally like a door with the help of a hinge on the side. The crank that is located on the inside is used as a lock even though some different models can have a separate key to make it more secure. Even with the fixed pane in the middle, casement windows offer a great view and ventilation. The cost of casement windows can go from $200 to $1,500, always depending on the size and materials you want your windows to be.
  • Double Hung Windows. With just a little extra cost you can get the double-hung windows rather than the single hung version. The double-hung window has two sashes that can go up and down wherever we want. This type of window offers better air circulation. You can open both slashes so that the stale air escapes and the fresh one can come in. Usually, you can get the double-hung window for $180 to $850 each. 
  • Single Hung Windows. As we said earlier single hung windows are a cheaper version of the double-hung window. The only difference is that this type of window has a single sash, usually in the upper pane that can open. This type of window is used mostly on the ground floor. The single hung window can cost between $180 to $500 each.
  • Slider/Sliding Windows. This type of window is a lot similar to the double pane windows. The only difference is that the sash on this type moves horizontally over another static pane. This type of window is selling so fast right now, because of the clean look and the great use of space and great ventilation of the air. The slider/sliding windows can cost between $300 to $1,500 each. You even can choose between many custom installations that you prefer.
  • Awning Windows. Similar to casement windows in so many ways, the awning windows have a hinge not on the side but on the top that makes it possible to open vertically. This type is usually used on the basements or lower levels of houses and businesses. The awning windows provide ventilation while maintaining the great wind away because of the two crank mechanisms that don’t let the window close. The awning windows can cost between $350 to $1,850 each. 
  • Bay Windows. Bay windows are popular windows that stretch outward, adding to the general square footage of the floorplan. These windows usually have three panes and a price from $1,800 to $2,960 when replaced. Bay windows often increase the general value of every home. The large central pane is fixed, while the smaller side panes open to allow fresh air to come in. Because of the angle that this window has, it provides more natural light than the other types. 
  • Bow Windows. Like bay windows, bow windows stretch outside and add space to your place. Bow windows typically have four or five glasses. These windows cost between $1,000 and $5,500. Each pane can be fixed or produce venting. Gives more daylight than bay windows. Bow windows don’t commonly extrude as far, adding fewer square footage to a home.

Cost by Types of Window Frames 

The costs of replacement for old windows don’t count only on the type of window you are going to install but also on the type of window frames that goes with your window.  There are four main types of window frames that you can choose from. We are going to give you some info and the pros and cons of every type.

  • Vinyl Window Replacement. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a material that is used to make pipes and other materials for plumping structures. The PVC is also used to make windows and window frames. Vinyl windows are great for a lot of things like for example, they come at a great price in comparison to the other types of windows. Also, windows made with vinyl are great insulators and you can give it every shape that you want.
  • Aluminum Window Replacement. The aluminum windows are great if you want a modern look for your house. By choosing the aluminum windows you will have to do less work and spend less money on maintaining your windows. Also, aluminum windows let plenty of sunlight in because of the sleek frames. The only drawback that aluminum windows have is that they aren’t very energy efficient.
  • Fiberglass Window Replacement. Fiberglass windows aren’t as common as the other kinds of windows but they are very durable and they need little maintenance. They aren’t as preferable as the other ones because they cost the same amount of money as aluminum windows but have the look of the vinyl ones. So people commonly end up buying other kinds of windows.
  • Wooden Window Replacement. Wooden windows have been used in our homes for quite some years now and still are used as much as before. They are very beautiful with new and modern design. The wooden windows are as durable as the other windows but only if they are maintained properly.  Wooden windows replacement costs much more than the other ones and that’s why people usually buy aluminum windows. 

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

Our teams of experts are always ready to assist you. Whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco Ottawa!

Isothermic windows

Isothermic Windows & Doors – Renovco Ottawa

Isothermic windows & doors are special windows and doors proudly manufactured as products with high-quality raw materials in Thetford Mines, QC. Isothermic windows are products that meet consumer needs while maintaining industry performance standards for a long time.

Our Isothermic windows are an innovative product line that includes a variety of windows, doors, garage doors, and patio doors.

The Thetford Mines showroom is designed to showcase the company’s top products, displayed in ways that allow clients to fully appreciate the design and functionality of Isothermic windows and doors.

Durable supports and display fixtures are engineered to support the weight of heavy doors and windows. Merchandise can be manipulated by the customer, demanding displays that can handle a high-traffic, high-use environment.

Isothermic windows meet consumer needs while maintaining industry performance standards at high levels. This steady growth can be attributed to innovative products, quality, and a strong reputation. Made of the highest-quality raw materials in Quebec, Canada Isothermic Windows and Hybrid doors and windows offer an energy-efficient, low maintenance solution for the price-conscious consumer.

What does Isothermic Windows mean?  & What Do We Offer?


Virtually all our products are Energy Star certified, reducing your energy costs by 12 percent per year. It is, therefore, a guarantee of measurable savings and a reduction of your ecological footprint.


All of our Isothermic windows integrate profiles that are extruded from virgin powder, giving the PVC a pure and durable white as well as providing a remarkable glossy finish that is easy to clean.


When opting for our products, you enjoy the peace of mind that is provided lifetime manufacturing warranty.


We are confident that we offer our clients the best lifetime manufacturing warranty in the entire industry. You can even transfer it to a future owner.


At our manufacturing facility, we have our own weather testing lab. We ensure that our products respond to the realities of our harsh winter climate. We also manufacture our windows with 3 black or grey weather-strips to avoid discoloration, which is placed on the shutter to offer maximal airtightness.


Whether they are casement, contemporary or colonial, sliding, architectural, or awning windows, you are sure to find the best windows to showcase your home. We have so many options!


You can customize your doors from A to Z: configuration, color, grilles, hinges, materials, left or right opening, glass panels, and stained glass are all offered separately so you can achieve the look of your dreams. Our advisors are available to assist you in choosing the style to best fit your home.

Isothermic windows 

Why us?

Choose Renovco Ottawa for all your window and door needs. Giving you access to top-rated windows and doors in Canada, with our exclusive distribution rights. Offering you the best quality to price ratio on the market.  Come by our showroom to see all the styles and finishes that will best fit your needs and budget. Free design consultation available, installation included.

Windows & Doors So good they are guaranteed for life!

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you, whether you would like to design your dream kitchen, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, you can count on Renovco Ottawa!

Renovco Ottawa also has a smartly identifiable Unique Concept. From emergency work reconstruction, content handling and cleaning, warehousing, mold remediation, Ozone treatment, and Fire-line system to a distribution channel and one-stop-shop for design services. This clever solution is translating to become, not only an exclusive competency that Renovco enjoys but also a profound peace-of-mind feature that clients treasure.

So, call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

door installation

Best windows and doors provider | Ottawa

Windows and Doors in Ottawa

Once you’ve checked you won’t think about that question anymore. Window and door replacement requires quality
and professionalism, we lead in these two requirements.

We can help the process of choosing the right windows and doors for the building with expert advice. Our costumers have always been happy with our choice.

One of the many home remodeling projects is by improving the exterior of your home. Changing exterior might be expensive sometimes but we think about that too. We offer windows and doors within your budget.

Renovco Ottawa has all the types of windows and doors that you are looking to invest your money in. We work in various materials including vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, wood windows, etc. Shapes and sizes aren’t a problem, as our services involve casement, sliding, single-hung, double-hung, bay, bow, awning, picture, and custom windows.

You want your windows to be a long-term investment, deliver great performance throughout the lifetime of your home, and by that, I mean that the company uses only the best materials on the market.

In order to function at their best quality windows and doors must be properly installed. Windows and doors are a great investment when it comes to making your home more quiet, comfortable and attractive. A professional company can make every window according to the client specifications no need to adjust wall coverings or window dressings.
There are some cases that the windows should be replaced like for example, when you notice that your window is sagging, meaning the frame is not straight but droopy. The most common problem that people see with old windows is if they feel extreme hot or cold pockets or a draft when standing directly in front of them.

Front Door.

One of the most essential things is your front door because is the entry point to your home so it has to make a great first impression.

Patio Door.

A significant impact on the energy efficiency and appeal of your home can be the patio door. Renovco provides many types of patio door replacement.

Large Sliding Patio Door

New means better and more efficient investment so is the new window changing. Age and temperature change the window by causing the frames and panes to expand and contract causing gaps in the seal that means less insulation for your home.

Insulating your house better means changing your windows and a double pane window does it better. It is even an economic investment by affecting your heating and cooling bills. Double pane windows are windows with two panes of glass glazed to the movable part of the window. This window is designed specifically to insulate your home.

Before delivering a specific service we first test it that’s why we give a lifetime warranty. We have our own testing labs to ensure the quality that we are providing.

So if you want to make the best decision for your home don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation and better service: 613-727-7070