Basement Mold Removal Ottawa Tips

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In the world of fungi, mold is a type that thrives in wet places. Many times, people find mold in their basements at home. However, it can also grow on the tiles and grout in bathrooms. The great news is that the experts at Renovco Ottawa can put a stop to mold growth and get rid of it in your basement.

Mold Removal Ottawa Causes

Mold can make your basement smell strange, damp, and unpleasant. It’s not only bad for your health but can also harm your belongings and property if you don’t deal with it. Mold grows best in moist environments and places with little air movement. This explains why mold thrives in moist basements. Basement mold’s primary causes include the following:
  • Leaking pipe
  • Poorly sealed/insulated windows
  • Poor ventilation and high humidity
  • Inadequate drainage away from the foundation
  • Flood/water damage

How to Prevent Mold in Your Basement

The main way to stop mold is to get rid of what it needs to grow. To start, you should improve air circulation and lower dampness in your basement. You might need to use a dehumidifier and fans to help with this. Then, figure out where all the extra moisture and dampness is coming from. Has a pipe leaked? Are there cracks in the foundation letting in moisture? Do the windows have condensation? Did the basement flood lately? To stop more water damage and mold, we need to find and fix where the extra moisture is coming from. This will reduce the humidity in your basement and stop mold from spreading.

How to Remove Mold from Your Basement

If you find a lot of mold, you might just need to clean your basement really well to get rid of it. Health Canada recommends that you get rid of mold in small and medium-sized areas on your own. But for big areas, you should call professionals for mold removal.

Tips For Cleaning Mold:

  • To stop the spread of mold spores, you might want to seal off the space by taping plastic sheeting to the walls and ceiling.
  • Using water and dish detergent, remove the mold. If you’d like, you can add vinegar or bleach, but it’s not necessary. When cleaning drywall, use a damp towel instead of a saturated one because wet drywall can begin to fall apart.
  • By washing and drying objects completely, you can get rid of mold from things like clothes, blankets, and other materials. To totally eliminate the musty smell from items, bleach or a non-chlorine bleach product may be needed. Never use bleach on any textile or fabric without first reading the manufacturer’s label.
  • After cleaning is complete, make sure to address the underlying issue (water damage, excessive humidity, or inadequate ventilation) to stop mold from returning.
You can easily clean and repair books, papers, art, and personal items damaged by water and mold. To remove the mold, find and eliminate its source, and ensure everything is completely dry. You can rely on the Renovco Ottawa specialists to restore cleanup and mold remediation experts if you have excessive mold development in your basement or other parts of your house. Our trained experts can find hidden mold, like when it grows in insulation or behind walls. To get rid of the mold in your basement and prevent it from coming back, Renovco uses advanced tools and materials.