Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Old House

Nowadays it is hard to find good renovation ideas for the bathroom or any other room in an old style house. The biggest part of all the old houses has so much history that is a sin not to save them. Renovco can help you bring back to life your home like the golden days when it was first built. You are just a phone call away from having the bathroom you desire.  In this article, you will find some tips on how to save all the glory of your old bathroom while using new methods and furniture. In the end, you will have the bathroom you see in the old movies that you like and the enjoyable modern appliance.

Choose the Right Paint Colour

Choosing the right colour may be the most important key so you may have wanted a result at the end. We all imagine the old-time “painted” with dark and faded paint colours but on the contrary, there are a lot of warm and modern colours that can give the same class as the dark violet etc. We advise you to use warm colours like faded yellow or light apple green, always keeping in mind the colours of the furniture. One important thing that you are lucky to have nowadays is the quality of colour. Make sure to use anti-microbial paint that protects your walls from moisture and mildew. Even though it can cost you more at the moment, you will save afterwards because these paints will last forever. Another important thing to mention is that you have to keep the bathroom untouched and unused till the paint has finished drying. colour ideas

Select the Faucet First

Choosing the right faucet for your sink or your tub may be the hardest thing to choose. A beautiful faucet will be the most visible thing in your bathroom that everyone will envy. After you choose the tub and sink faucet you can proceed choosing all the other bathroom hardware, toilet flush lever, towel bar and everything else. There are some modern double faucets ideas with a vintage vibe that will bring after renovation the whole old look to your old house bathroom. We need to keep it simple for the faucet colour, we advise you to choose between gold and silver ones. Also if you want to go a little extra you may choose different sink faucets with different flower styles etc.bathroom_faucet

Think About Your Storage and Counterspace Needs

We do not want our bathroom to be all looks and not at all easily usable. That’s why we need to think about storage so we can have easy access to all the things in our bathroom. The traditional sink offers a nice classy look but lets no room for a storage area and it’s very limited in the counter surface. The best choice is to have a big antic looking wood cabinet with a big bowl sink in the top. The bowl sinks look perfect with our previous chosen classy faucets.


Make Flawless Flushing a Priority

Usually, older homes have some serious problems with the pipeline system. That’s why firstly you must hire a plumber to fix these issues before continuing to choose the right toilet. Most old houses have iron pipelines that get easily rusted and start leaking. Installing new plastic pipelines will save you a lot of money in the features.flushing-toilet

Flatter Yourself with the Right Light

In most cases, bathrooms have small windows and that’s why they lack natural lighting. Installing a professional and custom lighting system will be your best investment in order to bring to life your bathroom renovation ideas for your old house. The perfect place to pay the most attention while placing lights is around the mirror that is located on top of the sink. The new led lights camouflage as old lamps, not only will help you decorate your bathroom but also will help you getting ready in the morning or putting your make-up on before going out.bathroom-lighting-ideas

Pick Porcelain

Bathrooms of the old houses let you a wide variety of choices of your tiles. You can choose one colour tiles or go crazy on tiles with different shapes, colours and designs because everything is acceptable. We advise you to choose between porcelain tiles design because they are way cheaper and need less little maintenance over cement and encaustic ones.


Upgrade Your Electrical

The old house bathroom may have an outdated electrical system and we will try to give you some renovation ideas. Your newly renovated bathroom will need a new electrical system too because the modern appliances like a washer machine or hairdryer will need much more electrical power than the old electrical system can not handle.

electrical bathroom

Control Air Temperature and Humidity

Bathrooms are rooms with the highest levels of temperature and humidity. You need to be careful about choosing the right heater and ventilation system. The best thing to have is the top middle size window that can bring fresh air and increase the airflow. If it’s impossible to have a window a modern ventilation system is a must.

bathroom humidity

Why Us?

Fortunately, all of these potential issues can be solved by hiring a renovation professional that has a proven and tested process. For your various renovation needs, Renovco Ottawa is the best solution. We can help you to replace your windows and doors. We work with quality, also we are fast and very economical. Call us at 613-727-7070 or book an appointment at

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How Much Bathroom Renovation Cost

Each of us has an active life with long working hours, long hours drinking coffee with friends, long hours at parties. But wherever we go, the place we will return to is where we start the day, our sweet home.

Are you tired from work, do you want a hot shower or a relaxing bath? But your bathroom does not offer the proper pleasure you expect from it. Renovco Ottawa offers you a real opportunity that each of you will want. What are some of the points we rely on, and why you should choose Renovco Ottawa?

Let’s See Them Together:

  • Quality

Each of us wants a luxurious life, to have a modern bedroom, a kitchen with all the necessary conditions and contemporary conditions. A large bathroom with a modern bathtub? But do we all have the opportunity to fulfill all these desires that we want? Not in fact! Our monthly salary can’t afford such prices, or I can say a lot of savings, it can make it possible. But Renvoco Ottawa offers you an opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, offering a refurbishment of your bathroom, with a high quality and low cost that you wouldn’t have thought of.

  • Size

Are you tired because your bathroom is not in the right quality you are missing a bathtub but the size of your bathroom does not allow this? Your desire is to renovate your bathroom by fulfilling the wishes and demands of your family. But your budget doesn’t quite agree with that? Renovco Ottawa owns a professional team in such situations by meeting your needs and adapting to the needs of your family when we have never failed by offering them our opportunities, seeing it through the eyes of a professional, and adapting to the requirements your.

  • Design

Having a beautifully decorated bathroom and with all the modern conditions does not mean just a good look for the eye and for you to feel good. But it also means cleaner hygiene with fewer microbes and insects. So, to achieve a beautiful design of your bathroom we need to sacrifice some others, maybe the bedroom or living room. But not? Renovco Ottawa offers the possibility that you can do it all at once, you will not need to give up your desires.

  • Why us

We will give you some of the points why you should trust us and why we offer the best service in town.

  1. We own many teams of qualified professionals with the right license.
  2. Dedication to the importance of the smallest details
  3. Proper quality
  4. Costs compared to the service we offer are modest.
  5. Operating time (much faster than any other company)

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Choose your professional company

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you, whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get disinfection and cleaning services, you can count on Renovco!

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6 Benefits Of Renovating Bathroom

Renovating your bathroom can have many benefits depending on your situation. The bathroom is a room for personal hygiene activities where the basic needs are done. In a bathroom, you can combine style, colors in your own preferences. If you ask us if it is important to renovate your bathroom, we are convinced that the answer is yes. But that’s not our whole answer, it depends where you renovate it or why you renovate it. The benefits of renovating your bathroom means a better house, a safer ambient, and a more energy-efficient home. Enjoy a newly updated style and move your bathroom into modern times. It is common to see in old houses unhealthy bathrooms. Bathroom renovations can create a space for relaxation and enjoyment. Renovating your bathroom can bring your various benefits such as increasing your home’s value, save money now, become a more peaceful oasis, reduce clutter and become more eco-friendly.

Bathroom renovation

6 Benefits Of Renovating Bathroom:

  • Improve Your Bathroom Hygiene
  • More Stylish Bathroom
  • Spacious Bathroom Ambient
  • Bathroom Lighting improvement
  • Perfect Color Improves The Bathroom 
  • Value Of Your Home

Old furniture sometimes is unhealthy because of some natural factors. That fact should be taken seriously because it affects directly your health. We come up with an idea to use materials that are good for your health and for the environment. The old style of your bathroom might be ugly or not stylish at all and why not give some style and comfort to your bathroom so you can decide that it is a worthy investment. Old furniture might be harmful as well. Remodeling or renovating your bathroom might create a more spacious ambient so you can feel more relaxed. Bathroom renovation is more than a trend.

Modern Bathroom Renovation

The logic is not to feel tight at your renovated bathroom. Once you get in you will find it hard to get out. You can improve the ambient light or electric light in modern ways. Installing large windows so the light will come in easier. You can also install new powerful and more economical lights. Once you have improved the ambient light you will be more comfortable in your bathroom. There are some peoples that their emotional condition depends on different factors such as seeing their favorite color. White color, for example, might be a color that once you see it you will feel calm and relaxed.  By doing this kind of renovation your house value will grow by 2500$-3500$. Your house will feel more expensive more comfortable and your guests will love it too.

It can be divided into expensive and low bathroom renovation costs. The expensive renovation cost can be between $9,600-$15,000 and you will get higher quality products and a more luxurious look. Meanwhile, if you have the proper imagination with an average cost that is between $3,000-$6,600 you can make your bathroom look expensive even with medium quality materials. So the average that the peoples spend these days in bathroom renovation is between $9,600-$11,000.

So if you were convinced to start a bathroom renovation don’t hesitate to make the best decision in your life and the best investment in your house. If you want some expert advice call us at 613-727-7070 or send us an email