6 Ways to make the most out of basement space | Ottawa

basement space

Usually, basement renovation is used to create guest rooms, kids’ playrooms, game room/ bar areas, and in a lot of cases space is used as a place in the home where the family can retire to and relax after a long day of activities.

Basements are usually used for:

  • kids playrooms
  • guest rooms
  • gaming room
  • bar areas etc.,

You have to be careful about what you want. If you want a relaxing place you have to think big. You might want a spacious basement so you need some tips or ideas on how to make the most out of basement space.

6 Ways to make the most out of basement space:

  1. Measure everything. Before starting any work, you have to measure everything so you can get the most out of space.
  2. Inspect Plumbing And Wiring. This kind of work requires a permit and you have to check for an existing system before adding a new one.
  3. Add insulation for Warmth and Sound. You need to insulate the walls to protect you against noise and low temperatures.
  4. Moisture Protection.
  5. A good tip is to hang mirrors strategically in the room so it can reflect light and make the basement look bigger.


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