Basement Renovation – Choosing The Right Company

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Developing or improving your home’s basement is a major undertaking and very important.

If you’re planning to use your basement renovation as a suite for tenants, a less than reputable company will often not be familiar with all the rules and you could end up with an illegal suite without ever suspecting that anything was wrong. An unprofessional company is also more likely to lack sufficient knowledge of regulations.

If you have specific plans for a completed basement renovation, such as using it for a home office or an entertainment area, a professional company such as Renovco Ottawa will consult with you at every stage of the project, to ensure that everything is done exactly to your specifications.

Unprofessional contractors might also make mistakes when it comes to insulation and waterproofing, leaving you with a repair bill that’s far more expensive than the amount of money you attempted to save.

A less than reputable contractor might damage your home during the renovation. There could be extensive damage from a water leak when the contractor is working on plumbing or fire when fixing the electrical system. There could be damage to the floors or ceilings. These are just a few examples of issues that cost money to repair, outside of what you’re being charged for the basement renovation.

A basement renovation is a huge commitment and you need to have the confidence that the job with be done right. Always choose a professional company with substantial experience and outstanding references such as Renovco Ottawa. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.


There are some serious advantages to finishing your basement renovations. Lots of added space, new rooms, and not to mention the increase in your home’s overall value. But finding the right company to finish your basement renovation is also a serious matter. You want only the best for your home and that’s exactly what we offer, only the best. Whether you’re interested in adding a home theater, wet bar, or home office to your basement, we are here to help.

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