Green Home Renovation: Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips

green home renovation tips

Time goes by and with it, your home gets old. After a while, we all know that an update or renovation is a must. Your home will seem tired and old and in need of a little refreshing. Perhaps, you might like to move to a larger home but the economy has you worried about and want to spend your money more wisely. So, in the end, you decided to renovate your home?  In a way to better accommodate your needs and lifestyle? To do so, we suggest you embellishing your home without damaging the environment. And that is done through an ecological renovation in order to achieve a “green home”. 

Eco-friendly home improvements and renovations above all will reduce your home costs related to heating and cooling. It will make your home healthy and will decrease your environmental footprint. It is important to take certain actions that aim to reduce this consumption. Of course, while maximizing the life quality. Making your home greener by adopting more ecologically-friendly technology is a very effective way to contribute to a healthier world!

Lessen Your Impact on Earth With These Green Renovation Choices

Going green is a popular phrase but what does a green renovation really mean? Going green when renovating your home is all about making choices that will do more good than harm. 

  • Change to more energy-efficient windows to save on energy costs. In turn, lessen your carbon footprint.
  • Improve insulation and heating system efficiency.
  • Install systems that reduce electricity and water use.
  • Use materials that don’t harm a person’s health.
  • Use ecological and durable materials.
  • Reduce the need for electric lighting. Install light tubes, skylights, or LEDs.
  • Reuse or give away some of the old material.

Eco-Friendly Windows

There are several benefits of using eco-responsible windows, including:

  • The annual consumption of heating and air conditioning will be reduced as these windows and framing tend to insulate against elements. Therefore it will maintain the indoor temperature.
  • It is a fantastic incentive to become more ecologically conscious, especially when you have in mind to change all the windows.
  • The style! Update your windows with a fresh modern look with beautiful new frames.

Low Energy Heating and Cooling System

Do you still have one of those old air conditioners that make noise and don’t heat properly? One that pollutes the environment?  If so, consider upgrading to a new green solution to consume less energy. 

Renovation With Materials That Have a Smaller Impact on The Environment

Green renovations are not just about green products. They are also about the materials used and how your contractors execute the work. Some materials have less impact on nature. So it is important to take care of choosing your materials.

Other Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips

  • Use hardwood flooring
  • Restoring used furniture
  • Urban gardening, why not?
  • Painting: making a smart choice
  • Better home insulation to prevent air infiltration
  • Rainwater collector system for the toilet
  • Install heating floors
  • Use the earth’s energy
  • Install plumbing that uses little water

If you want to learn more about eco-friendly renovations and have a look at some other tips we suggest you read our article “Eco-friendly tips from Renovco Team

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