How to start a renovation planning

renovation planning

We believe that open and honest communication is a vital part of building a successful project. During the initial stages of consulting and planning our projects, we provide our clients with all the necessary information about the various options and methodologies to allow them to make the right decisions for them.

Renovation Process

Here are some simple steps that are part of any home remodeling process:

• Planning

Planning involves planning every aspect of the renovation, from budgeting to deciding on a trusted contractor, and so on. Planning is the most important element of any construction project. Diligent planning will not only prevent mistakes and save you money in the long run, but will also ensure that the finished product meets your needs, expectations, and vision.

• Breakdown

This step involves demolishing and disposing of existing parts of your home that will be replaced as part of your renovation project. A good contractor will take the necessary measures to recycle or reuse as many of the items to be destroyed. Non-recyclers should be disposed of properly in a storage environment.

• Framing

Any wall that will be moved, erased, or added is taken care of during this phase. Whether it is a residential project with a wooden frame for a family or a steel frame in a concrete building or a commercial space, the framing must be completed in order to achieve the desired, final floor plan.

• HVAC, Electric and Hydraulic

Also referred to as “M&E”, this process includes everything required to be completed within walls, floors, and ceiling space to ensure that a functional electrical, plumbing, heating, and ventilation infrastructure is in place.

• Isolation

Once all the intervention is completed, sufficient insulation must be installed to achieve the required noise insulation, separation from the fire and to meet the requirements of the envelope (on the outer walls).

• Drywall

Once all the infrastructure inside the walls is finished and the insulation is in place, it is time to close the walls and prepare them for painting and finishing.

• Painting

Once the gypsum board has been glued, sanded, and sanded, it is time to paint the drywall, before applying the paint finishing layers.

• Milling and fixing works

This step involves installing cabinets, countertops, electrical and mechanical appliances including bathtubs, showers, toilets, sinks, faucets, lights, plugs, switches, etc.

• Floor

The flooring is generally completed by the end of the project to avoid scratches or damage to the floors.

• Finishing carpentry

Finished carpentry refers to the installation of doors, fittings, hinges, cladding, planks, and sills.

When planning a renovation, it is important to consider the following questions:

What are my renewal goals, requirements, and expectations?

It is important to set your renewal goals before starting any project. Whether you are simply looking to remodel by refreshing an old kitchen or bathroom, or whether you are aiming to get a better function from your home by adding, deleting or changing your plan, it is important to start the process with a clear goal in mind. mind. Vitals are essential to differentiate between your requirements and pleasant things and to communicate clearly and effectively with your renovation contractor.

What is my budget?

Another important step is determining your initial budget. This will help you and your contractor determine if your renovation is feasible within your desired budget and if there are any items on and over that you can focus on with the extra budget.

Will I need a renovation permit?

It depends. In general, a remodel, such as a bathroom or kitchen where the location of appliances and equipment remains unchanged, you may not need permission. However, permits are required almost every time a renovation is made, as, unlike remodeling, renovations tend to change the layout or floor plan, which usually requires a building permit.

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