Small Bathroom Renovations Ottawa

bathroom renovations

Having a large spacious bathroom, of course, is a dream of several homeowners. Especially for the ladies of the home. A big bathroom is not only appealing and welcoming but also offers extra space provides and for ample convenience. It is known that not every home offers this bright, and convenient room. Renovco as a bathroom renovations company that operates in Ottawa can help you. We have some tips and ways how to make your small bathroom look larger.

Of course, you can’t have the bathroom of your dreams, but our bathroom renovations team can make your limited indoor living space, by completing the right projects to appear large and trendy.

Here are some tips and ways that will make your small bathroom looks large and beautiful:

  • Make it Bright

We know that the bathroom in most cases is a room in your house that is dark and offers very little natural light. This makes the bath appear cramped and confined. One way we recommend for these cases is to increase its natural light. If possible we will install more windows around the bathroom. This will only make the room appear large and open as well.

  • Choose The Right Bathroom Renovations Colors

Windows aren’t the only way to brighten a room. You also want to choose paint colors that brighten up space as well. As you choose your paint colors, we recommend considering neutral and light colors. Options such as light greys, blues, and greens are ideal for a bathroom. You may also consider white or cream hues to give this area a clean and pristine look.

Another thing you can do is to paint the ceiling the light color as well. This gives your bathroom a more continuous and complete feel.

  • Ditch the Shower Curtain

A shower curtain is a great way to hide a mess in the bathroom. It also is a simple way to add pops of color to the room. However, it can make your bathroom appear small and closed off. Consider ditching the shower curtain and install a glass shower door instead. The glass door helps keep the room bright and it lets you see into the shower area. This gives the illusion that the bathroom has more space and your bathroom renovations will look better.

  • Hang a Large Mirror in Your New Bathroom Renovations

No matter what bathroom in your Ottawa home appears small, you can make it appear large by hanging a big mirror on the wall. This item brightens the bathroom and the reflection of the space in the mirror can make the entire room appear large.

In your new bathroom renovations, if you want to add a little class and style, hang a mirror with a large, decorative frame. This is a simple way to bring in a little décor into your bathroom and it gives a cohesive and classic look throughout the space.

  • Install Open Shelves

Open cabinetry is a popular interior design trend in kitchens all around the Ottawa area. However, this design is not limited to just the kitchen area. You can install open cabinets throughout your bathroom to still give you the open design that you desire as well to make the bathroom looks bigger.

  •  Choose Your Light Fixtures For The Bathroom Renovations

Light fixtures that are too large or flashy can affect the size and look of the room. They can overpower all of the other features and become an eyesore. These means don’t choose anything too large and glitzy. Consider items like a small pendant light, recessed lights, and classy vanity light fixtures.  They can make your bathroom renovations looks cool.

Aren’t important the size of your bathroom, you can create a space that is functional, beautiful, and open. To do this you have to choose a bathroom renovations partner. Contact Renovco today at 613-727-7070 for your consultation and to see how they can transform your bathroom. Whether space, we will create a bathroom renovations that you love.