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What Is Mold?

While mold takes up residence in your house, your health is the one that will pay the rent. Molds are a form of fungus that is found in the interior and exterior of your house. Mold has some seriously negative impact on your house structure and your health. There is only a way to get rid of these two risks by mold remediation. Mold can be grown almost anywhere there is organic material and moisture that is why the mold remediation has to be done as soon as posible. That is why in most cases houses that suffer from high humidity suffer from molds too.  There are some signs that there’s mold hiding in your home such as:

  • Usually, mold has a strong typical smell.
  • Headaches that keeps getting worse.
  • Sometimes you struggle breathing.
  • You might be getting more nose bleeds.
  • There are places where moisture and water tend to collect.

As we mentioned before mold can be grown almost anywhere, for example, walls, clothes, books and even on CD’s. Mold shares in an invisible way and shares its spores through the air or by attaching to objects and people’s clothing or shoes. Places where mold often appears is the area where leakages and flooding have occurred, places where the air doesn’t circulate such as, behind a closet.

White, Black, Pink Mold

Black mold is as dangerous as it sounds,it can cause a neurological breakdown, pulmonary decay, immune system degradation and even death. There are some facts about black mold that you need to know.  It can harm anyone including animals, and can be detected by its smell because it smells like mildew and must.

White mold is not a specific type of mold because many species of mold can appear white. It is as much dangerous as other molds so it has to be removed as soon as possible to avoid health risks.

Pink mold has the same negative effects as other molds. It can be found indoors and outdoors and it has to be removed as soon as possible.

Mold Effects

Mold is especially dangerous to the peoples that have breathing problems, but it can also cause problems to healthy persons. It’s exposure can cause long and short term negative effects. By short term effects, we mean that mold exposure includes headaches, flu-like symptoms, and mental health concerns. So if you notice any of these negative effects, you should first check for mold presence in your house. Preventing your heath from going worse and your home from different issues is the positive effect of getting rid of mold. Peoples that have a history of flooding in their houses know best that they have to deal with mold and bacteria.

A main concern after a house flooding is to fight against mold which can grow quickly in your house condition. You should consulate with a professional company so everything can be done carefully. Even if you doubt only for a small reason that your house is affected by mold, you should consider getting a mold inspection. A mold inspection is different from a simple house inspection. The cost of the mold inspection will vary depending on the size of the house. There is something you should know after mold inspection you should have a mold test too. Mold inspection differs from mold test because inspection only identifies the presence of mold meanwhile the mold test identifies the type of mold.

mold remediation

Types Of Mold

  • Acremonium first starts as small moist which can be turned into a really dangerous substance. Acremonium is often grey, pink, orange or white. It typically grows in household systems and areas such as condensation from humidifiers, drain pans, window sealants and cooling coils. Acremonium mold exposure can lead to disease in the bone narrow, immune system and other organs.
  • Alternaria is a common mold species that appears as a result of water damage and the most common allergic mold in the world.
  • ASPERGILLUS is a common mold that can lead to asthma attacks, respiratory inflammation and lung infections. Certain aspergillus mold species are capable of producing aflatoxins, a known and deadly carcinogen.
  • AUREOBASIDIUM can risk your health by causing infections of eye, skin and nails. It can be found behind wallpaper or wooden surfaces.
  • Chaetomium can cause health effects such as skin and nail infections or affect your immune system. It can be found in such places as your roof, basement foundation or leaky pipes.
  • Cladosporium can cause health effects such as allergic reactions to the eyes, nose, throat and skin. It can be found thriving in indoor materials such as fabrics, upholsteries and carpets.
  • Fusarium can cause health effects such as skin infections as well as allergic reaction symptoms. It can be typically found in carpets, wallpapers and fabric materials.
  • Mucor can cause health effects such as causing asthma or worsen existing asthma conditions. It can be found near air conditioning, HVAC systems and ducting due to moisture from condensation.
  • Penicillin can cause health effects such as pulmonary inflammation and asthma. It can be typically found in materials such as carpets, wallpapers, ducting and even in mattresses and it can spread quickly.

Mold Remediation

When it comes to mold remediation you should always contact a professional so they can define the type of mold and start with the mold remediation process. Mold remediation is done by some not specific steps because every expert does it in its own way. Here we can show you some examples of some steps.

  1. Use Commercial Equipment to Dry Out the Affected Area
  2. Prepare the Room to Contain the Mold Problem
  3. Establish Negative Air Pressure
  4. Use Fungicide on Remaining Materials
  5. Finish Repairing the Room

Some companies say that mold removal can be 100% true, but that is not. Since microscopic mold spores are found everywhere in nature, and removing them completely from a house or a business is impossible. The difference between “mold removal” and “mold remediation” is that mold remediation focuses on getting mold levels back to the natural levels.

As we said mold can be found anywhere in your house even in your bathroom so that is why this is a serious to do thing. By choosing Mold Removal Ottawa you will bring your house natural freshness as it should be. Don’t hesitate to call us so we can make an inspection and continue with the right procedure. Please call us now 613-727-7070 to talk to one of our representatives.