2021 Windows Replacement Costs

Windows Replacement Costs

Windows are one of the most important parts of a house and that’s why we have to know the replacement costs. Throughout the day we all want to let as much sun as we can inside our house but this can be hard with an old window that has unclear glass and a broken window frame that lets all the wind and insects inside our house. If you think that your windows need a replacement you can contact us at Renovco to profit from the best windows in the market with quite beneficial replacement costs. In this article, we are gonna see the process of replacing windows based mainly on the cost by type and on the cost by types of window frames. 

Cost by type

We have a lot of different types of windows that you can choose from. If you come to our showroom you can choose from our types of windows like casement windows, double-hung, single-hung, slider or sliding windows, awning, bay, bow windows etc.   

  • Casement Windows. Casement windows are one of the most popular types of windows not only in Canada but also in the whole world. The casement windows can be open horizontally like a door with the help of a hinge on the side. The crank that is located on the inside is used as a lock even though some different models can have a separate key to make it more secure. Even with the fixed pane in the middle, casement windows offer a great view and ventilation. The cost of casement windows can go from $200 to $1,500, always depending on the size and materials you want your windows to be.
  • Double Hung Windows. With just a little extra cost you can get the double-hung windows rather than the single hung version. The double-hung window has two sashes that can go up and down wherever we want. This type of window offers better air circulation. You can open both slashes so that the stale air escapes and the fresh one can come in. Usually, you can get the double-hung window for $180 to $850 each. 
  • Single Hung Windows. As we said earlier single hung windows are a cheaper version of the double-hung window. The only difference is that this type of window has a single sash, usually in the upper pane that can open. This type of window is used mostly on the ground floor. The single hung window can cost between $180 to $500 each.
  • Slider/Sliding Windows. This type of window is a lot similar to the double pane windows. The only difference is that the sash on this type moves horizontally over another static pane. This type of window is selling so fast right now, because of the clean look and the great use of space and great ventilation of the air. The slider/sliding windows can cost between $300 to $1,500 each. You even can choose between many custom installations that you prefer.
  • Awning Windows. Similar to casement windows in so many ways, the awning windows have a hinge not on the side but on the top that makes it possible to open vertically. This type is usually used on the basements or lower levels of houses and businesses. The awning windows provide ventilation while maintaining the great wind away because of the two crank mechanisms that don’t let the window close. The awning windows can cost between $350 to $1,850 each. 
  • Bay Windows. Bay windows are popular windows that stretch outward, adding to the general square footage of the floorplan. These windows usually have three panes and a price from $1,800 to $2,960 when replaced. Bay windows often increase the general value of every home. The large central pane is fixed, while the smaller side panes open to allow fresh air to come in. Because of the angle that this window has, it provides more natural light than the other types. 
  • Bow Windows. Like bay windows, bow windows stretch outside and add space to your place. Bow windows typically have four or five glasses. These windows cost between $1,000 and $5,500. Each pane can be fixed or produce venting. Gives more daylight than bay windows. Bow windows don’t commonly extrude as far, adding fewer square footage to a home.

Cost by Types of Window Frames 

The costs of replacement for old windows don’t count only on the type of window you are going to install but also on the type of window frames that goes with your window.  There are four main types of window frames that you can choose from. We are going to give you some info and the pros and cons of every type.

  • Vinyl Window Replacement. PVC or polyvinyl chloride is a material that is used to make pipes and other materials for plumping structures. The PVC is also used to make windows and window frames. Vinyl windows are great for a lot of things like for example, they come at a great price in comparison to the other types of windows. Also, windows made with vinyl are great insulators and you can give it every shape that you want.
  • Aluminum Window Replacement. The aluminum windows are great if you want a modern look for your house. By choosing the aluminum windows you will have to do less work and spend less money on maintaining your windows. Also, aluminum windows let plenty of sunlight in because of the sleek frames. The only drawback that aluminum windows have is that they aren’t very energy efficient.
  • Fiberglass Window Replacement. Fiberglass windows aren’t as common as the other kinds of windows but they are very durable and they need little maintenance. They aren’t as preferable as the other ones because they cost the same amount of money as aluminum windows but have the look of the vinyl ones. So people commonly end up buying other kinds of windows.
  • Wooden Window Replacement. Wooden windows have been used in our homes for quite some years now and still are used as much as before. They are very beautiful with new and modern design. The wooden windows are as durable as the other windows but only if they are maintained properly.  Wooden windows replacement costs much more than the other ones and that’s why people usually buy aluminum windows. 

Why Us?

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