How Much Does it Cost to Add a Bathroom in Your Basement?

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If you are thinking of adding a bathroom to your basement but are just not sure how much it will cost or if you can afford the time and money for it, you are in the right place.

What Are the Advantages of Adding a Bathroom to Your Basement?

Adding a bathroom to your existing basement will greatly improve the functionality of your basement. Whether you are using your basement as a space for your guests, or have a fun or children’s play organization, you will have the convenience of having access to the toilet without having to go upstairs.

Adding the bathroom to your existing basement will also boost the value of your home, which also offset construction costs. Having a bathroom in your basement can be a great selling point, as some people prefer not to spend time going through a renovation after buying a home and choosing to buy a furnished home with an existing bathroom in the basement.

How Much Does it Cost to Add a Bathroom to Your Basement?

There are many factors that come into play when budgeting for an extra bathroom. First of all, is the size. Installation pipes are one of the main factors that add to the cost when building a bathroom. That being the case, whether you plan to add a half bath, a quarter or a full bath will affect your construction costs.

By definition, a

Half-bath – consists of a toilet, a sink, a vanity, and a mirror

Three-quarters bath – consists of a toilet, a sink, a vanity, and a long shower

Full bath – consists of a toilet, a sink, a vanity, and a full-size shower or bath

Another factor that comes into play is the location where you are planning to add your new bathroom. Strategic planning can help you save thousands of dollars. For example, adding a bathroom under an existing bathroom can significantly reduce the cost of plumbing and repairs such as framing, drywall, and painting.

How Much Do The Finishes in Your Bathroom Cost?

Specifications are always a major contributing factor to construction budgets. There is a wide range of prices when it comes to choosing finishes in your bathroom.

Bathtubs can cost up to $ 200 for low-end products, and go up to over $ 30,000 for bathtubs with chromotherapy, colored lights, foam ports, and other luxury features.

Toilets start at around $ 100 for base models and can go up to $ 5,000 for models packed with contents containing heated bidet seats, bowless models, remote control, automatic ignition, soft night lights, automatic opening and closing of seats, and many more features.

Sinks range from $ 40 to nearly $ 10,000.

Faucets range from $ 35 for a single base handle, to $ 2,000 for pre-elegant ergonomically mounted wall mounting options.

Shower trim sets which include the shower valve, lever handle, and showerhead can cost up to $ 50 and go up to $ 5000 for more aesthetic finishes with additional features for ease of use.

Based on all the variables that play a role in construction, it is difficult to set an overall price for each construction project. However, the purpose of this blog post is to provide you with a reasonable range to help you determine whether or not adding a bathroom to your basement is the right decision for you. That being so, on average, from our experience, the cost of adding a bathroom can range from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 including work, material, and project management.

It takes approximately 2 weeks to complete an addition to the bathroom, from the start date of the project. This timeline does not include the time required to obtain a building permit from the municipality. All remodeling projects require permission and of course, we recommend that you work with a general contractor who will go through the permitting process. This will be especially important when it comes time to sell your home.

Once we have reviewed the cost and duration of work associated with building a new bathroom in your existing basement, we hope to have given you the knowledge you need to determine if adding a bathroom is the right decision for you. If you still have questions or want to discuss anything in more detail, our team is always happy to help you.

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