Basement Bathroom Renovation

Basement bathroom renovation

Is it bathroom time, but you’re tired of waiting in line in your own home? Would an additional bathroom make everyone’s life easier? If so, we’re here to help and provide you with the best basement bathroom renovation services.

Are you interested in a brand new basement bathroom?  Regardless if you’re searching for a small bathroom remodel or transforming the space into a luxurious oasis, we’ll be there to help you. Renovco Ottawa can help you turn your design ideas into reality with our bathroom renovation. Using only the best quality products and knowing how to build it to last a lifetime. 

Our team at Renovco is committed to providing the very best in renovation and restoration. With our long experience in the basement renovation industry, we have extensive knowledge and expertise you can rely on.

The most common features that our customers are interested in upgrading in the bathroom are: 

  • Sink
  • Tub / Shower
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Countertop
  • Floor
  • Cabinetry
  • Lighting

Factors to Consider for Basement Bathroom Renovation

To ensure that you are making the right decision about your basement bathroom renovation, you should consider some aspects of the home building and renovation. 

First of all, the size of your bathroom. If you’re going to install a new bathroom, you have to make sure that the size will be proportional to your basement and the house in general. The size of your bathroom will also be deciding on what stuff you’re going to put in it, a shower unit, a vanity unit or some other stuff. Lastly, the size of your bathroom will have a tremendous effect on your budget. That’s because it will affect the type of materials and fixtures you’re going to pun in it. 

The second factor to consider is the intended design. Do you have any colour motif? What about wood tiles? Have you thought about the size of the windows you want to be installed? This is where your creativity is needed. 

Last but not least, a factor to consider is your budget. This is definitely connected to the two factors mentioned above. That’s because the size and the design cannot be achieved if the budget is not enough. 

Vintage theme

The vintage theme bathroom is for elegance. You can have items like a vintage-looking bathtub, stone floors and vintage vanity set. The vintage theme is very in, and since it will be for your basement, it will surely generate lots of gasps and admiration from the families and friends. 

Modern approach

The modern themed bathroom can be achieved in several ways. One, and the most common is to play with colours. To achieve a modern-themed basement bathroom you can have black as your colour motif. Another way is to use modern and state of the art items inside the bathroom. 

Some other themes you can choose for your basement bathroom renovation are:

  • Rockstar themed basement bathroom
  • Flowery and/or girly theme
  • Sporty theme

Why Us?

Our teams of experts are always ready to serve you, whether you would like to design your dream bedroom, remodel a bathroom, finish the basement, create a new home extension, renovate your office or get your home restored after a flood or fire, or maybe just for a new look, you can count on Renovco!


Renovco has a smartly identifiable Unique Concept. From emergency work reconstruction, content handling and cleaning, warehousing, mould remediation, Ozone treatment, and Fire-line system to a distribution channel and one-stop-shop for design services. This clever solution is translating to become, not only an exclusive competency that Renovco enjoys but also a profound peace-of-mind feature that clients treasure.

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