Best Living Room Remodel Ideas That Pay Off

living room ideas

You’re going to adore your newly remodeled living room no matter what the scale project you have. But you will adore even more if you intend to sell, and your living room project realizes a high return investment. These living room ideas will definitely pay off upon resale. 

Expand Your Living Room

Traditionally, the living rooms were kept tight and compact in order to conserve energy. However, with today’s open floor plan movement there is more need for space, and even buyers are expecting living rooms to be bigger than ever. 

You can remove an interior non-load-bearing wall and take over space if you have a room adjoining the living room. Of course only if you don’t mind sacrificing it. Just make sure that the wall is not load-bearing. Another alternative to an open plan is a broken plan home. It provides small niches of privacy while maintaining a sense of openness.

Replace or Refresh Your Front Entry Door

Do you want to have a home remodeled project that does double duty? Do you have your living room at the front of your house? Installing a new entry door or just by refreshing up your current door will accomplish two things for the price of one. It will add your home’s exterior curb appeal, but it will also add new sparkle to your front living room. 

Let in the Light With New Windows

Nothing will stimulate that feeling of natural light streaming through your windows. Living rooms are for the living, but if you’re like the most of other homeowners your living room, especially windows might be tired, drafty, and lacking in the light transmittal. Therefore, we suggest you give your windows a second life by replacing them. 

Choose the Perfect Colour Palette

The colour palette in your living room is the most important one in the house. Whether it is used for movies, reading, or hanging out, the living room is the space that gets the most time. With so much attention focused, the colour scheme must be perfect. We recommend choosing one of the colours that most appeal to the buyers. White, grey, beige, and other neutral colours are usually the ones that tend to be mutually liked. 

Create Faux Extra Space

If you want to create the illusion of greater space, have a look at these simple techniques:

Ceiling – make sure that the ceiling colour is white. In this way, you avoid claustrophobic feeling. 

Area rug – don’t make a mistake and have an area rug that is too small.

Shelves – mount the shelves high. Best near the ceiling, to pull the eye upward.

Storage – purchase storages units that hug close to the wall. 

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