Top Trends in Basement Design

basement trend design ideas

Usually in the past, basements we considered an unused and unutilized area. For many kids, it is the space where scary things lived. Now, everything has changed and homeowners are increasingly interested in basement remodelling. Homeowners have realized that they can put all this unused space into good use and maybe add value to their home in the process. 

In the beginning, basement remodelling was implemented to add storage, an extra bedroom. Or it was used as a free space for kids to play. While adding a basement bedroom is commonly used, homeowners are expanding their options and ideas. We have encounter basements turned into game rooms, home theatres, and even in personal museums. If you’re lucky, having the right space in your basement you can be able to incorporate all of these things into your basement space. Here are some of the hottest trends we are expecting for the year.

Open Concept is Still in Vogue

Open concept has been a big part of current home design. Traditionally, rooms have been closed off from each other and divided by walls. However, an open concept tears down those walls. Creating a barrier-free space that will allow you to pass through one space to another easily. 

To create an updated modern style that promotes community, an open concept layout basement takes advantage of the naturally expansive nature of the basement. You can have multi-purpose spaces in the basement as they are open to each other. From the game room to the bar area, from the family gatherings to a theatre room and many more options.

Making it an Extension of Your Home

Basement has always been something of an experimental paint canvas. The fact that it is hidden from view it gives a sense of freedom when it comes to design and choosing a style for it. Sometimes, homeowners feel free to go with bold and extravagant designs. 

However, if you are planning a renovation you need to choose between creating a space with personal style or establishing an extension of the current and similar finish with the other spaces of your home. The choice is yours. 

Enclosed Theater Rooms vs Open TV Spaces

There are two options when it comes to designing a basement media room. An enclosed theatre room or open TV space. Generally, a theatre room is for the real enthusiast. They all want adornments that would enhance the experience:

  • Enclosed walls
  • Plush reclining seats 
  • Projection screen
  • Surround sound
  • LED floor lighting 
  • Popcorn machine

While an open TV space is more casual and much more cost-effective to set up.

Some other trend ideas for your basement design are:

  • Home Gyms and Spas! 
  • Walkout Basements
  • Like Music? What About Dancing? Install Home Stages for ANYTHING!
  • Your Dream Sports Room

So are you thinking about turning your basement into a home theatre? Probably of all the basement ideas that you might have, a home theatre is right near the top of the list. We can assure you that basements are an ideal location for your home theatre as space has some advantages over other areas in your house. For example, the sound is reduced because of the concrete floor. Especially compared to wooden flooring.