Top Basement Renovation Ideas for 2021

basement renovation

Home renovations of all kinds have been on trend this year. As many Americans are in their homes much more as a result of the pandemic, they also are focusing on all the things that could be better in there.

While there are many property renovations that can be made, basement remodelling is undoubtedly one of the most popular. A basement renovation can add a great amount of usable space to your home, and basement finishing is often highly worthwhile to buyers. In fact, Home Advisor estimates that the average basement remodel can offer up to a 70% return on investment.

So it’s no doubt that basement renovations may be on your to-do list in 2021. But which basement remodelling trends should you consider when working with Kentucky remodelers? Let’s take a look at some of the features that will continue to be in-demand this year.

Home Theaters Make Entertaining Easy

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Many movie theatres and large entertainment venues remain closed, but you can create your own comfortable and luxurious space to watch your favourite films and TV shows with a home theatre in your basement. A step up from a traditional TV room, a home theatre may feature plush seats, surround sound, and a state-of-the-art projection screen. While this project will be a financial investment, the final result is something many homeowners have dreamed about having for years. You can easily grab the popcorn and pop in the latest flick without ever going outside your home.

In-Law Suites Rival Assisted Living

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Many older people would like to age in their place. They’d like to stay in their homes as they age instead of relocating to an independent living facility or nursing home. While that’s not possible in every situation, homeowners are starting to think forward for the comfort of their loved ones (or even for themselves). A basement remodel that features an in-law suite can add value to the home, as having an extra bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and living space will present a lot of property possibilities. What’s more, you can welcome friends and family to stay — whether for a weekend or for the predictable future — while still maintaining a sense of privacy and independence for everyone. In-law suites can present a usable alternative to senior housing.

Home Gyms Allow Occupants to Stay Healthy

Most gyms and health clubs have now reopened, but that doesn’t mean that people are using their memberships. Many homeowners are choosing to organize gym setups into their basement remodelling projects. Basements give the open space necessary for all kinds of gym equipment, which means you’ll have total control over your workout and the maintenance of your machines. You can also save quite a lot of time when all you need to do is walk downstairs to fit in your physical activity for the day. With a home gym, you can keep prioritizing your health no matter what happens.

Bring the Bar to You with a Basement Brewery Idea

Most bars and restaurants are operating in some capacity, but meetings in large groups is not always an option. An at-home brewery allows you to make and enjoy your own beverages with people in your small circle. In this controlled environment, you can enjoy socializing and even get a new hobby. As a bonus, you won’t have to pay your bill at the end of the night!

Basement renovations continue to be a favourite choice for many homeowners. And as we are in 2021, we expect to see more design features that focus on staying home in a way that’s anything but boring. For more information, contact us today.