Eco-Friendly Renovation Tips for a Greener Home

eco-friendly renovation tips

Embellishing your home without damaging the environment is possible! If you want to do your part here are some tips you should consider for an eco-friendly home renovation

Use hardwood flooring

Did you know that some floor coverings are greener than some others? Hardwood flooring is one of them. Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural product, however, manufacturing processes to transform it are usually low-impact. In addition, it will require less cleaning since it gathers less dirt. The best wood choices are cork and bamboo.  

Restoring used furniture

Many pieces of furniture can be easily updated. Partially those made of wood and steel. When you see such gems on sale, seize this opportunity! Or ask some people that you know if they might have any furniture they no longer need. Modified handles, sandblasting or painting can do wonders and give your home a new look. 

Urban gardening

Does your house have a flat roof that needs to be changed? Why not transform this lost space into a lush garden where flowers and vegetables can grow. Rooftop gardens are increasingly popular, however, they require a good amount of budget and planning. But it can bring many benefits such as improved air quality and lower temperatures during the summer. 

Painting: making a smart choice

Many retailers offer eco-friendly paint products, we at Renovco also included. In addition, these products tend to be more environmentally friendly and durable than regular products. 

Better home insulation to prevent air infiltration

A sustainable home has no or little heat and air conditioning leakage, therefore, improving insulation is an important eco-friendly option as it reduces energy consumption. 

Rainwater collector system for the toilet

Many residents use rain collectors to water plants or wash their cars, but it can be done even more. If you need to buy a new toilet, have a system installed that is connected to a basin that collects water rain. Therefore, the litters of water used for the toilet will come from an eco-responsible source. 

Install heating floors

If you want to save money on the heating bills and provide a comfortable space, a house with heated floors will allow you that. Concrete, ceramic tiles, engineered and laminated wood can easily accommodate the heating system. One other important aspect is that heating floors will add value to your property. 

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