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Preparing for mold inspection | Ottawa

How to prepare for mold inspection

Let’s give you some advice from our experience. If you are preparing for mold inspection there are some things that you can’t do by yourself. You can either make things worse or risking yourself.

Clean up first?

We advise that you leave the moldy surface alone if you are bringing a professional to inspect. We prefer to leave the surface as it is and do not conduct a ”do it yourself” cleanup ahead of time. You think that by cleaning up you will make the expert’s work easier but you won’t.


  1. Cleaning up the mold you will remove some materials that are easy to identify. and compare to what the expert will find in the building.

  2. Illness risk: If you are cleaning up a large area without taking proper precautions could make someone sick by stirring up airborne debris and thus increasing the hazard in the building.

  3. Contamination risk: Cleaning up large areas of mold risks cross-contamination of other areas of the building.

So, if you think that a mold emergency is present you should go outside rather than doing some amateur cleaning before the mold test.

If an area is less than 30 square feet than you can perform the work by yourself. If you’re not able to hire a pro and the area is small then you have to

  1. Remove small mold areas yourself, but if you are sick than leave this work to someone else.

  2. Collect some samples so if it becomes necessary to investigate further give them to an investigator.

  3. If you spot a large area of mold during the cleanup than stop the work and speak with an expert.


Amateur mold inspection is a dangerous procedure, why?

An amateur will say that there is no problem where in fact there is a big one. So, this is the main reason why amateur inspection can be risky. There are several tests that need to be performed to get to know the mold type and prevent it grow in the future. So preparing for mold inspection better be a phone call to the experts.